NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable Pre-Show

Video Highlights

Main Card Results:

Finn Balor defeats Tyler Breeze to become the number one contender for the NXT championship defeating Tyler Breeze with the Coup De Grace double foot stomp off the top rope.

Charlotte and Bayley defeat Emma and Dana Brooke. With all four women in the ring Bayley takes out Dana Brooke with a belly to belly while Charlotte gets the win with Natural Selection on Emma for a pin fall.

Baron Corbin defeats Rhyno with the End of Days slam for the win following a reversal of The Gore.

With the help of Alexa Bliss attacking Carmella on the outside, Blake and Murphy retain the NXT Tag Team Titles over Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, after the Queen of Bling caused Enzo to fall off the top rope giving Murphy the opening to get the pinfall.

Sasha Banks defeats Becky Lynch to retain the NXT Women’s Title using the Bank Statement/Divorce Court to get the Irish woman to tap out after working on Becky’s shoulder and neck.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn goes to a no contest after Owens repeatedly attacks Sami. Referees tried to stop Owens to no avail NXT General Manager William Regal berates Owens for his actions that leads to blows between the two. Kevin gets the advantage grabbing a steel chair. Just when it looks like Owens is going to use it Samoa Joe comes out to make the save. Owens and Samoa Joe face-off as the show goes off the air.

Post show notes:

Sarah Stock a.k.a. TNA’s Sarita was a part of the Tyler Breeze entrance at Takeover.

PWInsider posted the following regarding Samoa Joe’s future in NXT:

To answer the huge deluge of email we’ve received about Samoa Joe and WWE, here is what PWInsider.com has confirmed:
*Samoa Joe has come to terms with the company to be part of WWE NXT. I am told the deal to bring Joe into the company was spearheaded by Triple H and was likely worked out in principle when Joe visited the last set of TV Tapings.

*We are hearing that Joe will, for the time being, continue to work existing and future independent dates. So, if he’s already advertised somewhere, chances are he will be there unless WWE NXT requires him. One would assume NXT gets first priority, as they should.

*We have also heard that Joe has also come to terms with the company to market Samoa Joe merchandise, which is why the company has already released an official Joe t-shirt, can do a Joe action figure, etc.

It’s a deal that is pretty unique in nature. NXT will get to tap into Joe’s credibility with die-hard fans while the NXT exposure will obviously help Joe’s bookings and worth to the independent scene.

It’s also entirely possible this could grow into a full fledged official WWE-exclusive deal but as of this writing, the terms are believed to be what we listed above. It’s new ground for WWE to have a deal of this nature, but they obviously thought Joe was someone they could attempt this with as they build their relationship with each other.

The Joe debut is pretty historic for another reason – he will become the first main event talent who first gained his national exposure on TNA programming to enter the WWE system.

For those who have asked why Joe would go to NXT first, it’s a sign of the times – everyone coming in goes through NXT, which is why someone like Finn Balor, with his excellent international pedigree and experience working major events for New Japan, also signed and went into NXT.

I would assume Joe will be working tomorrow’s NXT TV tapings.

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