Hello everyone. I want to wish everyone in the US happy and safe Thanksgiving. Today is one of the rare days throughout the year where you should take inventory of the good things in your life. Family, friends and health are without a doubt, the highest of priorities. However, leisure is very important to a happy existence as well. So I want to propose an idea that may be a little weird.

My 2014 has been tumultuous to say the least. Between health scares, mental fatigue, and personal frustration things have not been easy. But no matter how much things have gone south. I always try to stay positive on what is going good in my life. Honestly, some days it’s not much. However, this keeps me sane and focused on what I love, who I am, and how far I’ve come.

One of those things that keeps be balanced is without a doubt professional wrestling. The matter how terrible the product is. I always try to see the positives of any storyline. I try to put myself in the in the prisons shoes, try to understand with empathy, where they were trying to get to and making decision on whether they reach their destination, creatively or not. It’s easy to be snarky on the Internet. It’s harder to be honest and grateful for the sacrifices performers make the matter with like them or not. Misogyny and ignorance run rampant in every corner of the wrestling sites everywhere. And very little positivity ever comes to light.

So I have an idea to be spread positivity all throughout the rest of communities worldwide. Wrestling fans like to look at the negatives of a product, but I want you to give thanks something love in the wrestling business. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a performer, promotion or memory that made you are. Tell everyone that you appreciate them because the sacrifice time, their bodies and mental clarity to entertain you. As we’ve seen with many stars in the industry. Things don’t last forever. And whether you like to hear it or not, no one knows you anything in this world. I want you to use #thankswrestling to show appreciation for everything you enjoy.

I hope you don’t think that this was too heavy-handed, but I see negativity all the time and I just want to really take stock in what we have with the greatest form of live entertainment. And don’t forget you don’t know what you have till its gone.

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