Set for this week’s Smackdown:

The Vaudevillians debut on the main roster against the Lucha Dragons

Natalya versus Summer Rae

The Miz versus Zack Ryder for the Intercontinental title

Apollo Crews versus Curtis Axel

Dean Ambrose versus Tyler Breeze

Cesaro and AJ Styles versus Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

also appearing Roman Reigns, Charlotte and Ric Flair

Baron Corbin appears on this week’s Main Event against Fandango

The Verge has an interesting article about attending Wrestlemania live. Check that out by going here

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Gawker Media began filing motions to reduce or reverse the $140 million in damages awarded to WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan.  Two motions were filed yesterday.

Gawker released a statement that read: “Gawker is now beginning the process of challenging the jury’s verdict in a trial where key evidence was wrongly withheld and the jury was not properly instructed on the Constitutional standards for newsworthiness.  So we expect to be fully vindicated. And even if the verdict were to stand, there is no justification for awarding tens of millions of dollars never seen by victims of death and serious injuries.”

To read their report, click here.

Here is a video of Sting speaking with Jonathan Coachman on Wrestlemania Sunday:

WWE Studios’ horror film label with Kiss’ Gene Simmons first film “Temple” will kick off production today in New Orleans, Louisiana. The film will feature former WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins in a supporting role.

It was officially announced today that Wesley Snipes and Anne Heche will be the leads in the film, both of which are pretty big hires for WWE Studios. The film will be directed by John Stockwell (“Into the Blue”, “Crazy/Beautiful”). Stockwell is a big hire as well. One would think the names would lead to the company trying for a theatrical release for the film, especially since it is the first out of the gate for the new label.

“Temple” follows a team of trained operatives who find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its artificial intelligence is shuts down, leading to the team experiencing strange and horrific phenomena. Rollins will play Brent, a member of the team.

The film is being described as a “supernatural thriller.”


Random House is publishing “Rowdy – The Roddy Piper Story” this October. The book is being written by Piper’s son Colt and his daughter Ariel

Former WCW star Lady Blossom, Jeannie Clarke, is releasing a book soon.

The Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy announced the following:

Ever want to become a pro wrestler?! Here’s your chance. Create A Pro Wrestling Academy is hosting 2 OPEN HOUSES this week in New York & New Jersey. We’re inviting all potential new students to come down & observe a live wrestling practice. CAP New York is owned & operated by Brian Myers (former WWE Tag Team Champion Curt Hawkins) & CAP New Jersey is owned & operated by Pat Buck (OVW/FCW alumni & owner of WRESTLEPRO). Start making your dream a reality! Visit


Summerslam 2016 has sold out.

WWE’s “Straight Outta Dudleyville” will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 12. Lots of old ECW faces were interviewed for the documentary including Spike Dudley, Tommy Dreamer, Taz and Lou “Sign Guy Dudley” D’Angeli.

The “WWE 50” book that came out earlier this year will be released in a softcover version on May 10.

WWE’s 100 Greatest Matches will be released May 6. Promotional material released for the book reads:

Experience the action, struggle, and epic glory of the 100 greatest matches in WWE history! With stunning visuals and in-depth commentary, WWE: The 100 Greatest Matches brings together the absolute best, most memorable and stunning matches in WWE history! Relive the excitement with this massive hardcover book, and discover if your favorite matches make the cut.

-Foreword by Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
-Stunning visuals
-In-depth discussion of each match, plus the lead-up and the aftermath
-Favorite matches of the WWE Superstars and other personalities revealed

Videos from Total Divas

There are reports that there will be another cast shakeup for next season’s Total Divas. But there’s been no official confirmation from WWE or E!. Everyone is going by the Wikipedia page. One of the proposed additions would be the returning Maryse. Lana and Renée Young are also said to be new cast mates. Alicia Fox, Mandy Rose, and Rosa Mendes are not returning for next season while Naomi is coming back.

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Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, April 5, 2016

Pulse-Stopping Powerbombs: WWE 2K16 Top 10

Make your grand WrestleMania 32 entrance in 360° with Tyler Breeze!

Total Divas | “Total Divas” Rekindle Friendship in Paris | E!

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