On this edition of Shooting from the Hip, Dan, Michael and Shaun reunite and discuss the latest things that have been going on in their lives. They talk about local area resembling something out of Mad Max, Dan’s son getting hardcore with a new play date and the proper etiquette for hand-me-downs. Plus, they remember the late great Robin Williams in light of his tragic passing.

On the wrestling side of things, our favorite threesome discusses the latest rumors regarding Alberto del Rio. What is the future for Rey Mysterio? Are they truly AAA talent heading down to Mexico or is there something else in the future? Will Spike TV sign a new deal TNA or is Impact Wrestling get getting the boot? Are there any other choices out there? And where should Global Force really hang its hat when it begins?

And what can wrestling do to be into with today’s pop-culture? They look at the history of how wrestling has used society out to create boom periods for itself? Is it possible to make people believe again? All this plus predictions for Sunday’s SummerSlam on this edition of Shooting from the Hip.

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