– Shooting from the Hip is a two to three hour radio show that presents insight and entertainment to the world of professional wrestling and podcasting. The show is hosted by three unique personality as weekly you are graced by the voices of “The Original” Dan Phelps, Michael Classic, and Shaun “Big Daddy” Brown. Every week, tune in to hear the headlines of the world of professional wrestling as the voices of Shooting from the Hip give you positive opinions and reasoning on an otherwise crazy industry.

– The second half of episodes of Shooting from the Hip are dedicated to one topic. Unlike most radio shows, Shooting from the Hip shoots for people to sit down and critically think about the industry and all the crazy things that makes it tick. They give you opinions, laughs, and after listening to an episode you walk away knowing more than you did when you plugged in your headphones. The guys also like to throw in different games, including the famous “Fact or BS” where Shaun “Big Daddy” Brown reads off the headlines and we get the entertainment of listening to Classic and Dan Phelps attempt to figure out what is true, and what is BS.

– Shooting from the hip is a break from the ordinary behind the microphone radio shows as the boys sit down and chat weekly for the entertainment of themselves, but most of all, their dedicated and intelligent listeners.

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