On this episode Shaun and Michael talk the “A” list celebrity rumored to be offered the part of Vince McMahon and what we thin of the choice, why WWE is just now threatening legal action against the Young Bucks and the Bucks awesome new shirt, Ronda Rousey’s possible future in wrestling, what is the Roman Reigns/Miz match leading to, do we want a Shield runion, Cody Rhodes finally signs a deal with a company, the possible main event for ROH Final Battle and how there doesn’t seem to be a lot of choices, who will be fed to Brock Lesnar next, Brock might not be down wrestling this year, the possible return of Kaitlyn to WWE, Tessa Blanchard could be making an Impact, Magnum TA can be worked into any conversation, Paige possibly returning to WWE tv soon, and more.

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