On this episode Shaun and Michael talk if Jim Cornette is a bully, websites that keep their own score, stupid headlines, Bray and Roman being pulled from TLC, Kurt and AJ being added, fans upset over Daniel Bryan left on the sidelines, what test did Angle pass to be cleared to wrestle, Alicia Fox and her skill set, Asuka debuts on the main roster, Jack Gallagher quick heel turn, Mickie James looking better then she has n a long time in the ring, not being into Enzi matches but him making the Cruiserweight division more interesting, The Demon and The Phenomenal One turn down the house, Elias and Jason Jordan being stars in the future, one of liking the TLC main event and one of us not, Braun being murdered, bragging rights at Survivor Series, Raw under siege, how to continue the momentum to Survivor Series, and more.

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