Exclusive: The Opening to Slammiversary 2015


Tigre Uno defeats DJ Z and Manik in an X-Division Title Match three-way eliminating both men by pinfall with a split leg corkscrew moonsault

Robbie E defeated Jesse with a inverted DDT to get a pinfall

Bram defeated Matt Morgan with the Brighter Side of Suffering DDT after a low blow following a chair shut.

Austin Aries defeats Davey Richards via rollup after a distraction from Bobby Roode

After the match Aries announces a 30 minute Iron Man match for the TNA Tag Team Titles that will happen on this Wednesday’s Impact Wrestling

Brooke and Awesome Kong defeat The Dollhouse as Brooke pins Jade with an off the top Facebuster called the Butter Face Maker

James Storm wins The Unsanctioned Match against Magnus after both men use a beer bottle on each other and Storm fell on top of Magnus for the win

Ethan Carter and Tyrus defeated Mr. Anderson and Bobby Lashley after Ethan Carter got the victory following the Spear attempt by Lashley who ducked an Asiatic Spike from Tyrus nailing him to get the win.

Jeff Jarrett becomes the first TNA King of the Mountain Champion

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