– Sonjay Dutt is back on board full-time with Impact Wrestling as a Producer and part of Jeff Jarrett’s inner circle. Dutt had several tryouts with WWE as a Producer and Guest Coach at the WWE Performance Center in recent months and also had an offer on the table from Ring of Honor as a wrestler. While Dutt was offered a full-time WWE job, we are told that at the end of the day, it would have required him to uproot his family and move them to Florida and Dutt eventually decided to turn that down, not wanting to move his daughters and require his wife to give up her job as well. So, he’s signed on with Impact. More than one Impact wrestler we’ve spoken to has been overjoyed at the news, feeling Dutt will bring a modern viewpoint to creative plans.

– Impact filmed a lot of material over Wrestlemania week with LAX attacking at different independent promotions.

Angel Rose, the new female member of LAX, has signed with the company.