– Taryn Terrell came out and cut a promo that she returned to be the one to retire Gail Kim. Kim came out and ran her off.

– OVE defeated The Heatseekers.

– Grado comes out to say goodbye to the fans as he has to leave the country. Out comes Laurel Van Ness, who says she is a changed woman because of him and gets down on one knee to propose. He says yes. Kongo Kong tries to intercede but is stopped by Mahabali Shera.

– Eli Drake wins Gauntlet For The Gold to become the new GFW World Champion

Gauntlet match participants order of entry:

Eli Drake
Eddie Edwards
Mario Bokara
Eddie Kingston
Braxton Sutter
Richard Justice
Kongo Kong
Mahabali Shera
Chris Adonis
El Hijo De Fantasma
Johnny Impact (Johnny Mundo / John Hennigan)
Garza Jr
Fallah Bahh
Taiji Ishimori
Bobby Lashley
Low Ki
Final six participants are Moose, Johnny, Low-Ki, Eddie Edwards, Lashley, and Eli Drake. Final four was Moose, Drake, Eddie Edwards, Johnny Impact, then it was down to Drake versus Edwards, who entered at 1 and 2, respectively.

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GFW Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results For 8/24 *SPOILERS*