February 15th
– Jordynne Grace & Kiera Hogan defeated Allie & Su Yung
– Johnny Impact comes out and says it’s time to find his next challenger. Moose & Killer Kross want the shot and Impact says they should fight to see who gets the shot.
– Killer Kross Vs. Moose ends in a Double DQ when Johnny Impact attacks both.
– The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) defeated The Desi Hit Squad (Raj Singh & Rohit Raju) with Gama Singh
– Eddie Edwards defeated Eli Drake
– Alisha Edwards Vs. Delilah Doom goes to a No Contest when Tessa Blanchard attacks them.
– Rich Swann defeated Mike Miks
– IMPACT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH The Lucha Bros (Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) defeated Latin American Exchange (Ortiz & Santana) to retain the IMPACT Tag Team Championships. After the match LAX lay out Lucha Bros and take their masks.
– Willie Mack defeated Jake Crist by DQ when Dave Crist interfered. Tommy Dreamer makes the save.
– Tommy Dreamer & Willie Mack defeated oVe (Dave & Jake Crist)
– Fallah Bahh & KM defeated Reno SCUM (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend)
– Tessa Blanchard defeated Delilah Doom
– Zachary Wentz defeated Ethan Page
– Killer Kross & Moose defeated Brian Cage & Johnny Impact. Impact was hurt during the match and did not finish the match.

February 16th
– Trey Miguel defeated Daga
– Rich Swann defeated Ethan Page. After the match oVe come out to offer Swann a spot in the group and after Swann puts on the shirt he attacks the 3 from behind.
– Ace Austin defeated Jake Atlas
– Alisha Edwards comes out ans says her contract is coming up and maybe it’s time to stay home and start a family. The Desi Hit Squad come out and Gama Singh says he’s happy she’s leaving because he’s sick of this women’s empowerment movement and home is the perfect spot for women. Alisha slaps him and Eddie Edwards comes out an attacks the Hit Squad and when the number games gets the best of him Eli Drake makes the save.
– Jordynne Grace, Kiera Hogan & Rosemary defeated Allie, Su Yung & The Undead Bride
– Lucha Bros (Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)
– Scarlett Bordeaux inter view interrupted by Glen Gilberti whose says women’s wrestling hasn’t been good since Bra & Panties matches and Scarlett will suck as a wrestler. Scarlett slaps Gilberti and says she’ll make him her bitch.
– Luchasaurus defeated Chris Bey
– oVe (Dave Crist, Jake Crist & Sami Callihan) defeated Rich Swann, Tommy Dreamer & Willie Mack
– Glen Gilberti defeated Kikutaro
– Fallah Bahh & KM defeated Reno SCUM (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend)
– KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP #1 CONTENDER MATCH Jordynne Grace defeated Tessa Blanchard. After the match Tessa attacks the bell boy until Gail Kim fights her off.
– Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake defeated The Desi Hit Squad (Raj Singh & Rohit Raju) with Gama Singh
– Killer Kross carries out Johnny Impact with a cinder block and puts them both down and gets a chair. Taya Valkyrie & Brian Cage come out. Taya begs Cage to help Impact but he doesn’t so Taya goes after Kross but when Kross goes after her, Cage fights him off. Taya then low blows Cage and Johnny kips up and attacks Cage. Impact puts the cinder block on Cage heads and hits it with a chair. Impact, Taya, and Kross leave together.

February 17th
– Moose defeated Trey Miguel
– Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards defeated Fallah Bahh & KM
– Ace Austin defeated Damien Drake
– Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie come out and say they turned on Brian Cage because the people don’t care about him and his health and only care about him putting his body on the line. Impact says he beat Cage once and he’ll do it again at the PPV.
– Willie Mack defeated Ethan Page
– X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Rich Swann defeated Sami Callihan to retain the X-Division championship. After the match Sami trys to attack Swann but Swann fends him off. A masked man attacks Swann and when he takes off his mask it’s Sawyer Fulton. Willie Mack tries to make the save but the heels stand tall.
– Su Yung defeated Alisha Edwards
– Konnan comes out with LAX and says LAX and the Lucha Bros are both his family and they need to settle their differences. Lucha Bros come out and fight with LAX. LAX puts Fenix and Pentagon through tables and pose with the belts.
– Scarlett Bordeaux defeated Glen Gilbertti
– Tessa Blanchard comes out and wants an apology from Gail Kim. Kim comes out and says she has resigned but she’s coming back to kick Tessa ass.
– KNOCKOUT’S CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Jordynne Grace defeated Taya Valkyrie by countout. Taya keeps the championship. Johnny Impact comes out followed by Brian Cage who tries to get Impact. Killer Kross makes the save.
– Killer Kross defeated Brian Cage after Johnny and Taya get involved. Impact beats down Cage after the match.