WWE.com spoke with 2016 Hall of Famer Sting about his neck injury, the last year in WWE and whether he’s actually retiring or not.

On whether he has had neck surgery:

I actually did not have surgery. Two neurologists [Dr. Joseph Maroon and one in Houston] were saying the same thing. The side effects you’re supposed to have, I’m not really having any. I’m feeling good [and] completely normal.

On whether he has spinal stenosis:

I am not saying that is inaccurate. I’m agreeing there probably is spinal stenosis or cervical spinal stenosis. I have had certain doctors tell me, “You know, so many athletes of all ages, they’ve got this. They deal with it to some degree or another.” I had one doctor here tell me, “You’re fine, you’re okay — you don’t have anything to worry about.” And then wrestlers say, “I’d see this doctor.” “No, I’d see this one over there.” I’m telling you, it’s just craziness. So I’m thinking, as long as I’m feeling good, why am I going to do anything? And the one thing everyone has said is don’t go under the knife unless you absolutely have to.

The WCW icon teases and the injury did not occur we might’ve gotten the dream match we wanted of himself and The Undertaker, saying the following in regards to plans that were scrapped:

Oh no, it’s an easy one to answer: Yes. If I had my way, yes, of course. I would have loved to have done one more WrestleMania and I would have called it quits at that point. The Undertaker match — that’s what I wanted to do. Yes, it was in my mind, of course, but everyone knew that I definitely wanted to have that one match. And, of course, WrestleMania would have been the place to do it. But, I got hurt and the rest is history.

On possible retirement :

I have to say it: The only thing for sure about Sting is nothing’s for sure

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