On this weeks Talk TNA, David and Claudia talk about the latest when it comes to TNA and Spike TVs negotiations. Will they stay with the Network for Men or will they move on to greener pastures. We hear the latest on the upcoming United Kingdom tour and is a former WWE champion on his way to Impact Wrestling? Plus, they discuss how Dixie’s bump didn’t really move the needle when it comes to the ratings. Is it fair to judge considering today’s media landscape?

It happens they review this weeks Impact Wrestling and talk about Bram whipping it out in his Monsters Ball with Abyss. Is Magnus holding him back from being truly great? In a world is there another place more low-key for the one world warrior? Has the company lost their love for The Menagerie of some colorful characters? Is all fair in love and hard-core war? The revolution started with a slap around the world. Is James Storm… the last samurai cowboy? And was the new X Division champion was the right call? All this and more on this edition of Talk TNA.

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