The Headline: Homegrown Roots

March 9, 2015

Hello world and welcome to another edition of “The Headline” I’m pleased to welcome you aboard and hope that this post finds you well. It’s Monday morning and Wrestlemania season is in full swing, in fact including tonight’s Raw we only have three weeks left until the show of shows. With that said I’d like to take time today to discuss a topic that was brought up by our own Leonard Taylor on the group page. That was, has the Royal Rumble lost it’s appeal given the special stipulations, and additions that have been added the last few years. Example, Daniel Bryan in the triple threat last year, this year the one on one match at Fast Lane. Also, he has a good question about homegrown talent I’d like to address those questions this week.

Has The Royal Rumble lost it’s Value?

This is a question that kind of hits home with me as a wrestling fan for a number of reasons. First off, because the Rumble was such a staple of my childhood. Second, because I still get a thrill out of the rumble match every year. However, I can understand where this question is asked, and deservingly so. It seems like the last couple of years WWE has taken cuts to undermine the Rumble victory. But, aren’t we as the fans to blame?

Last year, an almost unanimous majority wanted Daniel Bryan to main event Wrestlemania. The arena began to shower the entire match with boos when Rey Mysterio came out as a surprise number 30, even though it was known that Bryan wasn’t scheduled to be part of that match. The idea is that WWE doesn’t buy into Bryan as a Cena level talent, I disagree, but on that night they were proven wrong.

Everyone plays off the Batista heel turn as a work of WWE but anyone who pays attention knows they did that because they HAD to. Fast forward a few weeks and Bryan has his occupy Raw bit, goes on to Mania, gets into the main event, eventually wins, the fans are ecstatic. What a lot of people miss from that Rumble Match is that Roman was the runner up, and the arena was behind him. They wanted him to win, by default I think they chose the lesser of two evils that night.

This year, Reigns not only enters the rumble, but WINS. Instead of a huge pop, even though assisted by the Rock, Reigns was met with a chorus of Boos. For the second year in a Row, WWE had themselves in a pickle and didn’t know how to fix it, enter the one on one match at Fast Lane.

In my opinion even given these facts, the Rumble match is still one of the most unpredictable matches of the year, in almost every aspect other than the winner, and that’s where WWE needs to step up its game. Ziggler, Wyatt, Berrett, Hell even Rusev could have won that match and there would have been a pop. Why? Because it was unpredictable. A few years ago when Jericho came back with his silent gimmick and entered the rumble, it was almost a lock that he was going to win that match. I went to the event. In a hell of a turn of events Shamus ended up getting the victory and the pop that went through that Arena was insane. It was the unpredictability that set that event apart, and that’s where WWE really needs to get it’s head in the game.

Now, that brings me to the second half of this article…

Why Can’t we have a Home Grown talent like Reigns Main event?

This is actually a very good question, given everyone’s mind set toward guys like Bryan and indie stars that worked their way up. Why couldn’t we have Reigns as the next guy? He’s a WWE groomed talent what’s wrong with that?

The answer to that question is simple, nothing. If this would have been next year, Reigns could have won unexpectedly and the crowd would have went insane with it. However, two things weren’t in reigns favor. The fact that everyone was sure he was going to win, and the fact that he’s still very green. We’re not sure what kind of wrestling the man can do and that’s a scary thought for a guy they’re grooming to dethrone the beast.

I think that a lot of people changed their mind after his match at Fast lane with Daniel Bryan, and I think that was the purpose of the match. At the end of that match, people were cheering Reigns, because they realized that he did HAVE all of the skills. It was a matter of how it was done. I personally am okay with Reigns winning. Personally, I would have preferred Ambrose but it’s okay.

And on top of that, I have to throw this equation out there, Rollins still has the briefcase. What if he cashes in and captures the title at Mania? From a storyline that makes PERFECT sense, and in turn it would create not one but two huge stars in the company who could do some great work together for the next few years.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day I think it all really depends on your perception and what you want out of the product before you can say if any specific match is ruined for you or not. As far as Reigns not getting a fair shake from fans, I think that’s from preference. I’m excited to see what happens with Reigns going forward, and I think that he will be a huge asset to the company going forward. That’s my opinion though and your entitled to yours. I’d love to read your thoughts so share them in the section below or in the comments section.

Until the next time, I’m Kyle Robinson and I’ll continue to patrol Pwpop for all of the Headlines.