Hey everyone, I can’t sleep so I thought I’d do another edition of “NXT Step”. If you have been a longtime follower of the site you might remember the previous edition of this I did this past December regarding Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy. Basically in this article series I’m going to take talents from the popular NXT brand and figure out ways to introduce them on the main roster. Today’s subjects, as you can read in the title, are Becky Lynch and Finn Balor.

Since making his arrival in the WWE system, the former Prince Devitt has been making quite the splash. His mannerisms and presentation make him stand out above the crowd as he feels so comfortable in his own skin. WWE tried for years tried for years to lockdown the Irish born superstar but the founder of the Bullet Club had bigger and better plans. He would make serious ways at the gaijin faction began running roughshod over traditional Japanese customs and talents. With its brash and cocky “Rock N’Rolla” at the helm the world of wrestling was changed forever

However, soon the siren song of Orlando called his name and he became Finn Balor in NXT. He was introduced as the backup for Hideo Itami against the Ascension. It seemed for a few weeks that this may be a full-time tag team but soon Finn would branch out on his own bringing with him the artistic expression that made him popular to Japanese audiences and those around the world. The demon was unleashed and was a big hit to the American audience that hadn’t seen his work in New Japan because it was something different. Because he is something different.

And while this is a spectacle to behold as NXT goes on tour to different cities across the country, I think besides the spectacle something is lost with Balor . He does great work. He has great matches. But I can’t help thinking something is missing to his overall presentation. I would get him back to the cocky and brash heel persona that was so famous in New Japan Pro Wrestling. A man who knows he’s good and isn’t afraid to brag about it. A man who can rock ‘n roll with the best of them. And what does every rockstar need? A groupie. Since her persona is punk rock inspired and she also Irish I would pair them as a couple on television. I think this gives something to both characters. And make them more intriguing overall.

I would do very stylized promos with Finn and Becky Lynch in rock clubs all over the country ending with a graphic inspired by the Dropkick Murphys. I would have the pair talk about how much the business has lost its edge saying they’re going to take the stage and bring it back. After a few weeks the vignettes I would have the pair appear on an episode of Raw. Finn would win pretty handily over the likes of R Truth, Zack Ryder and Adam Rose before having a collision course with the Irish bully Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior would say that the diminutive Irishman was to their country and that he was going to obliterate him back to the Irish Isle. Being one to never back down from a challenge Balor accepts leading to a series of good matches . This gets Balor with the fans due to his highflying style and cocky nature. Meanwhile while all this is going on Becky is not afraid to mix it up with Sheamus from time to time helping out her man wherever she can. After a month or two of this program they have a blow off. Sheamus would actually extend his hand to his opponent giving him the ultimate sign of respect. Finn ignores it and he and Becky walk away.

A few weeks down the road Sheamus furious at the loss would take his frustrations out on a smaller competitor. Finn would come down to the ring giving the impression that he’s going after Sheamus for bullying but instead joins the Ginger giant along with Becky Lynch in beating down the superstar. Sheamus then announces that he, Lynch and Balor have come together as the Knights of The Red Branch.

The name comes from a cycle of Irish mythology talks about protectors of the realm .

I think putting the three together could really make compelling television. Especially if you had in the trio of Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Natalya to the mix you can have some fun six man tags that everyone will enjoy. Hell even at the Usos and Naomi in that and things get a little bit more fun.

As always, I say I don’t think this will happen but I kinda would like to see it.

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