Earlier this week, the trailer for WWE Studios “Queens of the Ring” was released. The project is significant in a lot of ways. Not only is it the first European import of their catalog, but it’s one of the few films they have produced in their near 10 years history that actually involves professional wrestling. Other than animated romps with Scooby-Doo and the Flintstones, WWE Studios tries to distance themselves from the squared circle if it all possible. But are they leaving money on the table by not doing one project?

For the past 30 years, Wrestlemania has become the end-all be-all for the wrestling fan. Since its humble beginnings in Madison Square Garden, the sports entertainment spectacular has become a media juggernaut all its own. Going from just a one-day event to a weeklong immersion in everything WWE, The Wrestlemania Brand has become on par with events like the World Series, Super Bowl and NHL’s Stanley Cup. In fact, financial publication Forbes named it one of the top 10 sports brands this past year. So the question is why hasn’t WWE leveraged this into a feature film?

Now, they did a Wrestlemania documentary back in 2003 revolving around the backstage drama that year. It was a limited release that was included on the Wrestlemania 20 DVD. I’m not talking about another documentary but about a scripted road comedy involving friends who spent their whole lives wanting to go to The Grandest Stage of Them All. And finally they do it. Hijinks ensue. All in the journey to the biggest show of the year. If Wrestlemania is your pinnacle brand, I think you really need to show off what it means for the fan experience. From the Axxess, to a snippet of the Hall of Fame to the journey to the event itself show these friends and what the product means to them.

I’ve made this journey twice in my life and have great memories that will last for as long as I live. With WWE holding such a powerful thing in their hands , why not use it as a marketing tool? Much like Disney does with ABC shows from time to time helping showcase the parks fun on television making families and their children want to go. Why shouldn’t WWE want to do that with the grandest stage of them all? Especially since the price tag of the event is only $9.99 to see the show live on WWE Network. Sure, it’s the biggest event of the year, but with the price of gas , hotels, tickets, parking and the amount of streaming events on the over-the-top Network, the live experience comes off a little less appealing for those who may not want to spend the money. Yes, the brand has sold itself in the past? But why not try a more mass market approach?

There are two main reasons why I think this will never happen on the big screen. The first of which, is something I stated earlier, WWE is seeking acceptance outside of its very niche programming and doesn’t want anything based in wrestling to pigeonhole them. And second, the logistics of filming live during Wrestlemania weekend would be a little bit hectic say the least. WWE has quite the amount of events that week and trying the get things shot within seven days may be a little too much for anyone to handle. But with all that said, I think if WWE doesn’t consider it one of the days I will be very surprised. It could be one of those films that WWE actually releases in theaters that will probably draw a nice crowd. The brand sold tickets before on its own . So why not now?. I think as long as you make being a fan and living this as awesome as it really is, it will be a winner for WWE. The Road to Wrestlemania could bring excitement on the big screen as much as it does on the small screen . One day, maybe we will see it on the marquee and more fans will want to make the journey.

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