Hey everyone, hope you are doing well. Before I begin my column, I want to wish our fearless leader, Dan Phelps a speedy recovery. He had a scary situation yesterday, and we want to wish him nothing but the best. Get well soon man.

Moving on to something a little less important. This weeks has been dubbed ECW week on WWE Network. Though it was mostly known for it hard-core violent nature. It was much more than that it was an experience unlike no other. It felt so importance to all of us that lived through it. I mentioned before different elements of ECW that should be incorporated in today’s wrestling. And no I’m not talking about flaming tables, kendo sticks and overly sexual content. That era has passed us by.

WWE and TNA wish they were ECW in a lot of ways when it comes to how fans are connected to the product. I’m not talking about Twitter followers or Facebook impressions. It’s about being invested into the product. And that’s something that both companies really need to work on. And that comes down to characters. Say what you want about Paul Heyman and his business acumen but he knew how to make characters such as Mikey Whipwreck, the Dudleys, Stevie Richards, Blue Meanie and others who have been just lower card jokes into main event stars. Why is that because you give them the right presentation highlighting their strengths hiding their weaknesses. And you can have more stars does that mean they all to be WWE champion? No. But it will give you a lot more talent to play around with. You have to take care of your talent. It’s not an unlimited resource. Finding the next big star is an easy as you saw with Steve Austin in ECW. Sometimes someone can only shine if you give them the chance.

The second thing that should be incorporated into the modern era of wrestling is honesty. If WWE and TNA wants to get their fan base back they need to be honest, both with themselves and their fans. Admit when you make a mistake and try to make it better. The reason why many fans are as connected to ECW all these years later is that Paul Heyman may have lied to the boys from time to time. But he never lied the audience.

TNA is more a culprit of this lately, especially when it comes to their audience. I get putting a positive spin on something. But if you ignore what everybody knows then you doing yourself a disservice by insulting the intelligence of your fans. Honesty is a rare resource in today’s modern Internet world and it could really help you gain goodwill from those who have become cynical with your mishandling and misgivings when it comes to your creative direction.

That’s what got fans in ECW. And that’s what got fans in the early stages of TNA. Your audience is your most important resource. No one is bigger than those spend their time and money on your product.

And the final thing that should be incorporated in today’s modern professional wrestling is time management. Yes, ECW television was only an hour. But if that our every week, whether was on syndicated television or on TNN back in the day, they found ways to maximize their hour. They would use multiple talents in the same segments intertwining their storylines making things more complex showing these talents in interesting and different ways. Every segment mattered. Nothing felt like filler. Everything builds to something. I know that the creative teams came honor wrestling are slaves to conventional presentation because it’s what is comfortable for those in creative but it’s time to break from the norm and try something a little bit more modern.

I know, to a lot of fans. I may seem like a fan boy to the land of extreme. But I think with these little tweaks a lot more fans would be more interested in today’s product. What do you think?

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