Hey everyone… Paul Jordan here. To say the world of professional wrestling has a lot of things going on right now is an understatement. As I’m writing this, Ring of Honor Final Battle just happened (which I have not seen in its entirety), NXT Takeover is tonight, TLC this Sunday, WWE week follows with Tribute To the Troops, Impact Wrestling announced their details going into 2015 and Wrestle Kingdom is on the horizon. With the year coming to a close, there’s a lot of reflection going on.

2014 has been the year of the independent. Not just independent wrestling but wrestlers realizing that being with the national company is not the end all be all professional wrestling career. Does it take work? Sure, but look at the careers of AJ Styles, Alberto Del Rio, Young Bucks and others they are thriving and well respected as journeyman. Back in the era of the territories, there were many of these athletes that went from place to place making the names everywhere they went. In the corporate era of wrestling that the team to be taboo to those in the industry. But now with WWE Network affecting the days for most of the talent this may be a wave of future going forward. This may be a redefining of roles in what an independent contractor really is professional wrestling.

On a side note, since I was talking about independent contractors, let me talk about my CM Punk in UFC thoughts. I know this is a point of contention for many wrestling fans when it comes to the world of MMA and particularly UFC that they are two different industries altogether. And while it is true to an extent because one is a combat sport and the other one is an exhibition. But as much as both industries like denied the others influence in their products, UFC does use old-school professional wrestling techniques when learning conflict between the other. Their Embedded Series and fighter specials are their version of vignettes. The only difference between the two is what happens once the fighters clash. The WWE has more control over variables such as dominance, character and others. UFC tries to create stars. But there are so many things out of the control much like the WWE injuries plagued the process stop fights that could have drawn money.

Now it seems professional wrestling is all of the rage going into 2015. If you remember when Brock Lesnar entered the octagon it was one of the most questionable decisions that Dana white made but in the end, the beast was one the most profitable stars during the short run with UFC. And why is that? Brock is a personality. Punk is a personality? And that’s something that industry. Much like professional wrestling is very lacking in that world. And the ones that have personality sell the most tickets. Punk definitely has the ability on the mic to get people to love him or hate him. And that’s what UFC needs.

I will be honest I’m skeptical of Punk’s performance in The Octagon. Not from his passion for the sport. But as for how his body will handle the abuse. I respect him and wish him nothing was the best but there’s a lot of wear and tear his body to deal with and mixed martial arts ferocity but if you can fight he may bring change not only to the octagon but professional wrestling as well. Because if Punk does well this could mean other opportunities for other workers breaking down the almost Mafia barrier for top MMA promotions. I know it’s a long shot , but it could happen

On fresh starts TNA revealed details on their debut on Destination America and it was met with some dismay The Internet had the question of why Impact on Friday? When you have a network that has a third of the audience of your previous home why put it on a Friday? I think the answers quite simple. When you have a third of the audience you have to try different things and I can guarantee this is the first of many moves that the program will make as they build a relationship with Discovery Communications. Are things going to be perfect. No. But you have to tries things out, Especially since Destination America has never broadcast wrestling. Before anyone casts aspersions at TNA/Discovery take a breath and realize this is a building process. The fact that Destination America is allowing them to do a live episode and giving them a replay on Saturday is a positive sign of the future of the two companies.

That’s all I have right now. Be sure to check out everything we have on PWpop.com I will see you later.

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