They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But for WWE at least that’s not true as this year’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Who figuratively and literally climbed a ladder to put themselves on a higher level at the end of the night? Who defied the oddsmakers and cashed in to become a highroller? Follow me as we go through the journey of the pay-per-view.

The show kicked off with a comedy match as R Truth and Goldust faced off against Tyler Breeze and Fandango. Basic opening match shenanigans ensue as the gorgeous supermodel and his dancing partner seemingly were battling the Nevada sun instead of their opponents. Overall, The Golden Truth pick up the first victory. Not much to really talk about in his match. Good comedy work from all involved. Given the angle began on the Raw Preshow last week, all four did well. And as I said before there’s something to the team of Fandango and Tyler Breeze. I’m sure this feud is not over quite yet. If I’d wager guess expect a rematch tomorrow night in Phoenix.

Great video package for the Money in the Bank ladder match. The WWE production team does it again. In my opinion, the video packages tend to do a little more than the kickoff panel. Case in point, these Twitter Q&A’s really do nothing to further the stories anymore they’re just placeholders to fill time. I love Natalya and Becky Lynch but it didn’t give you insights into what you’re going to see later. These preshow formats need to be redone with something more dynamic.

Case in point, the Dudleys versus Lucha Dragons is next. A match that was announced just a few days ago with no build and no storyline reason. Don’t get me wrong both teams are great but WWE definitely feels like to have their teams and these four are not in the running. Hell, the tag match previously at least has an storyline build on television. But they tried their best to get the crowd into it and the highflying action and the great heel work of the Dudleys definitely helped. Lucha Dragons get the win does that mean they get the next shot against the champions?

While that mystery may go unanswered for the time being, we would not wait that long for the answer on who would be the Tag Team Champions. The Fatal Four-Way was first on the docket with every team doing their shtick. Great way to start the crowd on the show proper. Love the pay-per-view gear for The Vaudevillians it looks like something out of the Dishonored videogame universe. Everybody put on their fancy duds. Once again The New Day make a veiled reference to the Bullet Club’s Elite (The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) which has been going on for quite some time on the Internet.

The match itself though was unable to overcome the odds. I thought having that many men in the match actually hampered the story that could be told. I’m not saying that the guys didn’t work hard but there was a lot of miscues and missed spots. There were some scary spots especially one with Enzo where he looked like he might’ve gotten injured again. Once you get a concussion, it’s easy to get another one. All that aside everyone worked hard. In the end, The New Day get the victory over there for challengers and you have to wonder what’s next as they reach the milestone of longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history.

Then we got a great backstage segment with Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho. Kevin Owens is the Deadpool of the WWE universe. Breaking the fourth wall and pointing out what the audience at home is asking themselves. This was much more entertaining than the Sami-Cesaro segment earlier in the night. Jericho’s catchphrase “You Stupid Idiot” is getting over with the audience quite a bit. This goes to prove that no matter how old Chris Jericho gets he can get anything over the matter how inane and stupid.

Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler were up next and truth be told that the crowd was instantly going against the match from the start. It wasn’t really a condemnation of the performers themselves but the fact that the storyline has really gone nowhere. All that aside both men really tried to give the event something special. Trying to prove why they were moved from the preshow. And I think they had a great effort. The Lone Wolf gets the victory over The Show Off with the End of Days. Hopefully much like the moves name this is the end of this feud. And Corbin can go on to bigger and better things. It’s gone on way too long making Corbin look weaker in the process.

The women’s tag match was next. And if I’m being honest it wasn’t the greatest. I thought the match was laid out backwards with Natalya playing the baby face in peril while Becky Lynch was left to make the hot tag. I think WWE is missing an opportunity to really make Lynch the ultimate underdog. But maybe it’s by design. In the end, miscommunication leads to Charlotte and Dana Brooke’s victory. This flies in the face of everything that they were trying to set up in the weeks that presented this. I found Natalya’s attack of Becky after the match the most interesting thing about the segment. And it seems WWE will be playing up the conflicted Natalya for not getting the win when it matters. This makes her a much more compelling character. I will be interested to see where they go from here.

Apollo Crews and Sheamus was next. Again another match that was removed from the preshow and promoted to the main card. Both Crews and Sheamus tried hard to make their mark on the preshow with a very physical and athletic match up. But in my opinion it wasn’t the greatest those two could probably do. It felt clunky and it still feels like Apollo is struggling to find his confidence on the main roster. I do like that Crews gets his first major win over The Celtic Warrior but the work that came before it was rather disappointing. Sometimes things don’t click in the ring. I know Sheamus was in New Zealand this weekend on a promotional tour and maybe that’s why the match didn’t connect due to jet lag. Or maybe it’s just me.

I guess WWE made a deal with Pabst Blue Ribbon as John Cena came out for his AJ Styles match with the original design that was pulled a few weeks ago due to legal action by the brewing company.

We get to the first Wrestlemania caliber matchup of the night with AJ Styles versus John Cena. The crowd was definitely into this one. They gave It a big fight Vegas feel. The match itself was pretty much laid out in a similar fashion to the epic CM Punk match five years ago at the event. AJ Styles got the bulk of the offense and looked great. John Cena made a comeback with spectacular moves and just as the WWE poster boy was closing in on victory the referee was knocked out leading to Gallows and Anderson making their presence felt. Seemingly unbeknownst to AJ Styles. I think the announcers oversold the ending especially JBL who usually cheers heel behavior. AJ Styles gets his first WWE pay-per-view victory in rather controversial fashion But I think that it’ll set up a John Cena-New Day versus The Club tag team match at Battleground. I’m okay with the finish because it establishes AJ and The Club as stronger heels. And gives The Phenomenal One momentum going forward. Hopefully going better than it did for his previous Money in the Bank opponents.

The Money in the Bank ladder match was next. And it is as crazy as you think it would be. A lot of multi-man offense and a lot of use of the ladders. Honestly if I hadn’t seen Kenny Omega and Michael Elgin do something similar to this early this morning at New Japan Dominion this would have a greater effect on me. This is not discounting the work at all. I’m just telling you the mindset I’m in at this point of the night. It’s been a long day. That being said, I believe Dean Ambrose is the right choice for the ring case as it definitely leads to some interesting possibilities for the main event picture. I propose the idea of his calling a shot and cashing in at Battleground. But we will see.

Rusev and Titus O’Neil were in the unenviable of going on before the main event. And both men tried to make this match something special. WWE even brought The Celebrity Mega Dad of the Year’s kids in as a special hook in honor of Father’s Day. However, while physical the match was nothing more than a glorified squash. The Bulgarian Brute continued his tactics making fun of the kids at ringside.

And we finish up the night with the main event which was an all out war between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. It was really a heel versus heel match and how it was laid out. Each man doing whatever they had to do to get the advantage. Everybody worked hard. Seth took advantage of Roman’s anger in the end and got the victory in the title but Dean Ambrose changed all that by cashing in on Rollins and winning the title. Definitely an interesting finish to the pay-per-view one that was really unexpected by most. I thought that they would drag Ambrose holding the briefcase out a little bit longer. We should known something was up when WWE extended the pay-per-view window 20 minutes past the hour. I wonder if this is going to be a trend going forward as the news was told to pay-per-view providers to expect the pay-per-view events would be longer for from now on. It looks like were going to get Roman Reigns versus Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins after all as both Rollins and Reigns are owed the rematch for the title. It’ll be interesting to see how Ambrose interacts with Stephanie tomorrow night on Raw. And how this affects the subsequent brand split. Almost felt like to me this was a chance for a double turn with Roman and Seth. Either way and an expected ending to a show that delivered on some things, but lacked in others.

At the end of the day was Money in the Bank 2016 worth the Wrestlemania hype that WWE was putting behind it? I’m still not sure. While the site of Ambrose cashing in and becoming champion was cool. Is it really Wrestlemania caliber? In my opinion Money in the Bank was like a Vegas buffet. It was relatively cheap if you have the network. And there was plenty of filler. WWE rolled the dice and made it past the line but didn’t really do much else. Ambrose is champion now let’s see how long that lasts. It may be shorter than a Britney Spears wedding.

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