There’s no doubt that’s everyone was surprised Thanksgiving morning to find a special podcast feast for them to enjoy. This special special piece of audio saw two best friends have a very open and frank conversation like they never had before. Now in its four-year history, Art of Wrestling has talked about many different subjects in the world of professional wrestling, but not like this.

After almost 10 months of radio silence, CM Punk gave his side regarding the turmoil involving himself and WWE which led to his departure this past January following the Royal Rumble. Many had speculated what happened between the two sides. Everyone had their theories, pontifications and predictions on how will be resolved . However, the story that the Chicago native tells is one of a man of conviction and passion feeling the pressure of corporate America and the battle of creating his art. Some fans have called a quitter but it seems more in my eyes that he was someone who wanted to make the best of a bad situation but just couldn’t take it anymore.

He makes many statements that point to how far away from WWE’s portrayal of the company things actually are. Especially when it comes to their medical staff and WWE’s overall concern or concussions or care for their superstars well-being. This may have far beyond anyone superstar and make investors more wary of buying into WWE. Sure, the frustration of creative direction and thoughts on Ryback may seem petty, but WWE’s insistence on their asset continue working through injury is questionable say the least. Imagine if Punk died… How much would WWE be culpable if The Best in the World continued on the way he was. It’s the age-old battle of Carney versus corporate. How much is really changed within the company?

Some point out why now? Why talk about it now? If he truly is happy after leaving the company why bring it up now? I think I have two reasons for that. The first one’s pretty simple he wanted to help out his friend during a down time for podcast around the holidays. Second, he wanted to get his message out during a time where WWE couldn’t fire instantly back. Releasing it on Thanksgiving gave it maximum exposure because of lack of wrestling news during that day.

Overall, I think Punk was very open and honest on his feelings regarding WWE’s judgment in certain situations. He makes no bones about the fact he wasn’t always the Second City Saint as advertised. You can hear in his voice that this was cathartic for him after hearing months of social media criticism that at the end he felt like a weight had been lifted off the shoulders. I thought it was one of the greatest pieces of audio in wrestling podcast history. Colt Cabana did well to guide the conversation and reveal an amazing broadcast There wasn’t venom in his voice. Just frustration that didn’t get the change he wanted. But you can’t change the system, you have no control over. Or can’t he?

There’s no doubt that this has made ripples beyond the wrestling realm. And why is that? I think because much like Steve Austin before him, CM Punk is a hero for the common man. Those teenagers who were figure gesturing and drinking alcoholic beverages with the Texas rattlesnake in the attitude era, had grown up in the era where society, not just wrestling had lost its edge. Someone needed to stand up and speak their mind. Enter CM Punk. The voice of the voiceless for our generation, who was disenfranchised with the modern wrestling scene in the US.Unlike the Bionic Redneck though, I think the man formally known as Phil Brooks will have a bigger legacy out of the wrestling business than in. He won’t be as big as Dwayne Johnson, but you will be highly respected because he didn’t forgo his principles when offered money to keep going. He speaks to nerd culture which puts him at almost legendary hero status already.

Will WWE have a rebuttal? Maybe. It should be interesting to hear if Steve Austin brings up CM Punk on his live podcast with Vince McMahon this Monday. Or will they ignore it altogether? What were the future of AJ be now that her husband has come out with his version of events? Does WWE have a lot to answer to their investors? Hope we get their answers eventually. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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