What a crazy interesting business that I cover. In the same week that we have the over-the-top The Final Deletion with the Hardy brothers on Impact Wrestling, we have the very sports oriented WWE Cruiserweight Classic. It is often said that there are many different flavors of professional wrestling. And I think today’s television landscape shows that off more than ever.

Any fan that thinks wrestling has to be one way or another just look at Lucha Underground versus NXT versus Ring Of Honor. Each promotion has its own different style and flavor. Lucha Underground is in all essence a TV show that features wrestling with over-the-top characters whose conflicts culminating in a wrestling ring. NXT is a pared down version of an old-school wrestling show in which they feature solid wrestling and character building. Ring of Honor is new school American strong style with super dream matches where every match is a main event. Every one of these promotions is a different presentation of the business and gives a different insight into what someone may want.

The newest addition to Wednesday nights is WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic which will begin airing next week at 9 PM Eastern. But they had their bracket special breaking down the tournament which had a very sports centric presentation similar to the NCAA Final Four or UFC. WWE knows now what audience wants market to. The hardest of the hardcore fan. I love the overall presentation promoting the athletics getting as far away from WWE sports entertainment presentation as theoretically possible. It will be interesting to see if any of these new presentation will make it to WWE television similar to the LED board around the ring or The Women’s Division in NXT.

Good wrestling is important but it’s all in how you present it to the audience. The original ECW would not have been as special without the presentation style of Paul Heyman. Similarly, the same thing can be said for World-Class or Midsouth as they change the game and how wrestling is presented. I have a feeling that the Cruiserweight Classic may be the start of changing the game for the future from the stale Attitude Era style that we still experience today. The format is still the same as it was back in 97.

Things definitely are changing and they could be changing for the better I am very excited for what the Cruiserweight Classic has in store for all the wrestling fans in the world. Will it live up to expectations? I’m not sure but we will find out next week.

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