Hello everyone. I’m back with thoughts on the week in wrestling. I apologize to anyone that was expecting my weekly Raw column on Monday. My computer was having Internet issues. And by the time I got them fixed I was so frustrated , that I just focused on the news.

But now I’m back and I’m ready to give some thought about the week. Of course let’s begin with Monday Night Raw. It’s not unexpected that on Memorial Day WWE would take it easy considering it’s the one of the lowest TV viewing holidays in the US. And considering the NBA Western Conference finals were on at the time WWE knew that ratings weren’t going to be good so other than John Cena on returning there wasn’t really that much focus put on the show.

And that’s not to say there wasn’t anything else on the show of note. We had great wrestling and some storyline development with The New Day and The Club. But John Cena was definitely the focus of Monday’s Raw. WWE timed It so that John Cena would go while the NBA game was at halftime so the subsequent angle with AJ and Gallows/Anderson would have the maximum impact. While the angle itself was probably one of the best things I’ve seen in a while. It definitely affected the rest of the show at least in the billing of importance. That being said the angle is great as it keeps John Cena away from going directly in the title picture while giving AJ hopefully his first real big WWE win. Hopefully it goes a little bit more smoothly than the Kevin Owens feud did last year but we will see. WWE also set up Gallows and Anderson going after The New Day. If you have been reading my thoughts for the last few months I’ve been saying how the Current WWE Tag Team Champion needs a good foil and I think this is it. They bring out a different side of the goofy trio. And will set up the good six man tag we are sure to get the next few weeks.

Everything else on the show to be in a state of purgatory. Once again the WWE World championship plays second fiddle to other things on the show. WWE really didn’t want to advance the Rollins -Reigns, except for making the newly returned redesigned Rollins to look a little weak by proxy of not really doing anything.

Considering the documentary that aired following Raw, it definitely feels like WWE may need to rethink their plans for the architect going forward. I understand that thought of making him a heel as that side was rather lacking. But now with The Club and AJ Styles, can you just make Rollins the antihero? I mean you are you there anyway. Why not capitalize on it? You have all that documentary footage showing what a good guy he is. Go back to the well and use the same philosophy you did with Triple H in 2002. He was a Babyface but not in the traditional sense. He was basically the same character just with a different focus. Once he won the title Triple H went back to being a heel a few months later. You can do the same for Rollins after he beats Roman at Money in the Bank. Because right now I think the company realizes they made a mistake.

One big mistake that those that watched Monday’s show were quick to point out was the interaction between Charlotte and Stephanie McMahon. Once again, the Chief Brand Officer of WWE eviscerated The Women’s Champion Charlotte in a backstage segment. Whether it was the intention or not to further sell the Ric Flair angle from the week before or set up a match between the two multigenerational women. For either reason, it really shouldn’t have happened. This does nothing for Charlotte it’s taking her back. After getting over so well with a week before. As I said last week it looks like were heading into a tag team match for Money in the Bank so I don’t know how this is supposed to help anyone involved except for Dana Brooke.

Other than all that, Raw was a really solid show for the most part. The Bulgarian Brute look like exactly that. The pairing of Titus O’Neil and US Champion intrigues me quite a bit. I don’t know if what they can put together will be good but it’s got me curious to watch and find out.

Dolph Ziggler outsmarted Baron Corbin which I don’t really mind very much because what they set up on Smackdown is definitely leading somewhere.

Apollo Crews looks to be on a collision course with Sheamus which is nice as I wanted him to have a feud that matters. And with the release of the new Ninja Turtles movie that should give the Celtic Warrior a nice boost. These two could have a really physical contest going forward and I can’t wait to see the two go at it.

Enzo and Cass defeated the Dudleys which I have no problem with as these two teams work so well off of each other. This is what you brought Bubba and D-von back here to do. It will be interesting to see how the tag team division shakes out with all these pairings going forward.

As for the Money in the Bank match itself everyone seems to be firing on all cylinders. The interaction between all involved were great. And I’m sure the match will show the same. The question is who will get the briefcase? It will be a little bit of irony if it’s Cesaro because that used to be a gimmick he had on the independent scene carrying a Halliburton briefcase as the man from the Swiss Bank. They really do have you guessing with this one as anyone of these men could really be seen with the case in hand. June 19 cannot come soon enough.

I know I don’t talk about Impact much anymore in these articles. It’s not that I want to but fan response to anything TNA doesn’t really garner much traffic these days. Everyone has the prejudice against the company no matter what they do. And it seems those who want to praise TNA’s current TV product often get met with it doesn’t matter. But lately the company has really been firing on all cylinders when it comes to their television. This week especially as not only did you have a great story line going to the episode with Ethan Carter and Mike Bennett. But he also had a very interesting piece with the Hardys signing their contract for Slammiversary. Is it cheesy? Sure. But I just want to commend the the TNA production for shooting that thing beautifully. It reminded me a lot of the WCW mini movies but in a good way.
It was a different way of presenting the show and I’m all for that. And for good or bad people are talking about the segment.

I also want to commend TNA for one other thing. Actually having matches booked in advance for one of their traditional pay-per-views. In the last few years it would be up to the week of the show and we would not have a card. These matches all have a few weeks to build and have intrigue going into them. However that being said I still think paying $40 for a wrestling pay-per-view in this day and age is still little expensive. I say that every few months with Ring of Honor and I still believe so here. But that being said TNA is moving in the right direction. Whether that is a little too late is always up for debate but at least they’re still trying.

Well that’s enough of the rambling of a crazy person. See you next time