Almost 40 years ago, fans around the television set were riveted by the Ewing family on Dallas. There was the mystery of who shot the family patriarch JR Ewing which became one of the highest rated television episodes in history.  A few years later after it’s pinnacle, the show was struggling to find its way after cast departures . So after killing of the character of Bobby Ewing, the son of the evil JR, they brought him back about a year later saying it was all a dream. None of the craziness, regarding twists and turns that the fans hated at the time actually happened.

WWE seemed to follow that pattern in regards to Wrestlemania and last night’s Monday Night Raw in Dallas. Much like the Ewing family, the McMahons have had their own strife and WWE continued with the Shane and Vince drama. Father and son have a discussion and this leads to a head scratching decision to put his son in charge for a night. My thought is what was the whole point of sacrificing your body if stipulations do not matter. It is like an old-school DC elseworlds comic a “What If Episode” of Monday Night Raw.

The New Day get their comeuppance on the League of Nations retaining the tag team titles leading to Sheamus questioning a weak with the lads. Barrett was singled out for taking the pinfall and kicked out of the group. I found this weird because the King of the Ring was pivotal in their victory at Wrestlemania. Of course, it’s been public knowledge that the man formally known as Stu Bennett was leaving the company. The Wyatt family then gets added to the mix to the delight of the crowd. But I have to wonder was there a point to any of this?

The women got two segments on the show. One that featured Sasha Banks and Summer Rae in a solid match that saw former BFFs battle. This was the best Summer has looked in a while.

The second segment featuring the women was a title presentation. Charlotte did a Babyface promo thanking the fans for supporting the women. But quickly turned heel putting herself over as superior causing the women of the division standing behind her to leave. This led to a showdown between Charlotte and Natalya.

Overall, the fans made this segment a little longer than that should’ve Been. Of all the positive moves made in the last few days to change the perception of women, the fans didn’t really seem to care about anything but getting themselves over. Hopefully, that was just an anomaly.

WWE made it clear that the crowd at the American Airlines Ctr. was not representative of the normal audience. These words came out of Vince McMahon’s mouth as well as the surrogates at the commentary table. It seems that WWE is telling fans that their reactions don’t really matter. And truth be told with making attendance and gate records for Wrestlemania, why would they?

But much like the crowd reaction, the tradition of talent debuting continued. Raw showcased Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin and the tag team of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. Overall, I thought these debuts brought energy to the show. Apollo Crews defeated his former rival Tyler Breeze in his Raw debut. What a difference a few months makes. Remember a few months ago, when Apollo and Tyler had an awesome match at Takeover . Now, Prince Pretty is a forgettable cog in the wheel. Hopefully, WWE does not mess up the sure thing that is Apollo Crews

Interesting to see, that The Boys are without Carmella. It looks like that Enzo and Cass will be battling the Dudleys which should be a lot of fun. And the announcement of the Vaudevillians coming to the main roster  it seems like they are moving great teams into the division to spice things up. This includes the once again Puerto Rican Primo and Epico. Because New Day Rocks but they need a strong opponent to go back and forth with. After the match with the Usos, things need to be revitalized with the Dudleys. The tables match was not great. And I think they need to get away from that for a while.

After winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Baron Corbin lost his first official main roster match against Dolph Ziggler. After a double count out, The Lone Wolf destroyed the Show Off establishing dominance. Hopefully Corbin can overcome the curse that seems to follow the winner of the Andre the Giant trophy.

Roman Reigns had his celebratory speech about winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that saw the crowd totally hijack everything. Reigns reacted with a swagger that I like. A cocky arrogance that established him the guy in the company. There was no Triple H or Stephanie claiming revenge so Reigns called out anyone that wanted a shot to come get it. This led to Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn getting in a brawl leading to the main event of the night.

The match itself was phenomenal no pun intended with AJ Styles getting the victory over Chris Jericho. Still not exactly sure why this couldn’t have been more cemented by a win at Wrestlemania. Oh well. Now he is the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. At least for this week, who knows they may change their minds once the Authority comes back. They continued storyline between Sami and Kevin Owens with an attack backstage. This led to Cesaro returning to in ring action.

I’m sure WWE officials and fans will have plenty to enjoy on the Swiss Superman in regards to wrestling ability. But will he get a solid push? Only time will tell.

The other big story of the night was that the Miz defeated Zack Ryder with the help of his wife Maryse to become the new Intercontinental champion. They seem to do these switches with this title in particular Around Wrestlemania. Remember a few years ago when the Miz and Wade Barrett. But the addition of the former Divas Champion adds a little more flavor to this bland character that her husband portrays. As for Zack Ryder, will fans get behind him and his dad against the Hollywood power couple. Not really sure. This can leave a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths switching the title that early. I understand you want to keep them chasing the title but maybe it was too soon. Since it was the one happy moment that a lot of people took away from this year’s Wrestlemania.

Overall , I thought Raw was fine but really disjointed. There is a lot of promise and uncertainty during this time of year we will have to wait to see what comes of it. WWE now has 363 days to build next year will they do a proper job? If patterns hold true probably not. I would not be surprised if it a few months this all feels like a dream that may be turned into a nightmare. Kind of like this