Hello everyone. We’re in an era of professional wrestling. Well, at least if you’re in WWE. The company has been pushing that marketing term for the last month or so. And while I usually don’t go for WWE’s brand synergy It’s somewhat true.

Coming off a pretty spectacular WWE Payback Pay-Per-View, the new era continued on Monday Night Raw which for the most part was a pretty strong build to the next pay-per-view in Newark, New Jersey. Usually having three weeks to make a wrestling spectacular does not bode well for the freshness of matches. But looking at the card as it stands right now, WWE has done a good job of giving fans a reason to want to see the returns of Natalya/Charlotte, Ambrose/Jericho, and Reigns/Styles. While we have a couple brand-new encounters with Kalisto/Rusev and New Day/Vaudevillians. This mixture will get a a lot of interests going into one of the most dead periods in WWE’s pay-per-view calendar.

WWE did well with a bunch of multi-man matches in getting over angles and stories and doing well keeping things interesting. AJ Styles and Roman Reigns particularly put themselves in a whole new level when it comes to their feud as smart looking makes both men justified in their behavior.

This is actually probably the best executed thing on the show. No longer is the question is AJ with Anderson and Gallows, he is. But now the question is will AJ do whatever it takes to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title? Anderson and Gallows are great in the roles of the devil on Styles shoulder. During the tag match, you can see that there’s dissension between the former Bullet Club members in the tactics they use. And it’s only until things break down at the end does Styles do what he has to do in retaliation nailing one of the Usos with a steel chair to return the favor.. But seeing this makes the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion see red and that’s where Reigns seems to shine. This makes the Extreme Rules stipulation make a little Bit more sense. They should’ve really waited until Raw to announce the match now both men have a reason to want to go after each other following this breakdown in communication. But I guess WWE wanted to entice fans to keep their monthly subscription

What was probably the worst thing on the show was the US Title Battle Royal. And I say that for a multitude of reasons, one because The US Champion on commentary was a deer in headlights. Two , you just brought up Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews and their use on the show is limited to a nothing spot regarding the elimination from the match. Critics of this statement will say that Corbin destroyed Dolph after his elimination. And while that is true. The fact that he did not defeat Dolph almost makes it worse. As for Apollo not to get an elimination that matters is criminal considering he’s been on a singles winning streak.

Not all this was bad however, I did like the fact that Zack Ryder was in the final four and had plenty of hope spots all the way down to his battle with the Bulgarian Brute. I think it establishes Ryder as a People’s Champion as long as you keep him in this kind of booking pattern I think it will serve him and the audience well. Zack has definitely shown in no matter how badly WWE tried to bury him, the fans have a connection and why not use it to your advantage.

I would’ve actually Ryder win to get away from the big man little man dynamic that we’ve had for the last few months. I’m not saying those matches are bad. Actually Ryback and The US Champion had a great couple of matches. But it would be nice to go in a different direction for a month or two. I guess I cannot talk about the Battle Royal itself without talking about the reason why it was there in the first place.

It came out during last night’s Raw that Ryback and WWE are having a dispute over his contract renewal. The Big Guy values himself as more of a commodity for the company and wants to be enumerated as such. And the company doesn’t see it the same way. On one hand , if you’re Ryback do you really want to raise a ruckus and be fired from the company again at the age of 34. Sure, if you don’t value your skills no one will but how long does it go before it turned into ego. Ryback has been very public in his feelings with the company in recent weeks, especially following Wrestlemania. Case in point his Pre-Show Stopper weight lifting belt from Sunday’s pay-per-view.
Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease but sometimes it also gets you replaced. Depending on how this goes, Ryback’s famous appetite may bite him in the as is not careful.

I am interested to see where WWE goes from here.

Raw was definitely not perfect but they did well keep the ball rolling going into Extreme Rules.

I apologize for the truncated article this week. I haven’t been feeling well the last few days but I didn’t want to leave you with out an article this morning.