Hello everyone. Paul Jordan here. Professional wrestling in 2016 is firing on all cylinders. WWE has had a revitalization with the brand extension. Network content, especially including NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic, has never been stronger. Ring of Honor has expended their pay-per-view schedule to have one show every two months. Not to mention, the independent scene which is going absolutely insane. But in all this, one company doesn’t get mentioned as much. And that is TNA. I don’t want to go into the reasons behind this. But you don’t hear discussion on what’s going on Thursday nights that much anymore. I’m just an as much a culprit of that than anybody. But Impact Wrestling’s profile has not been high on the watch list for many wrestling fans in quite some time.

I don’t write about the show every week but I definitely watch. And for the last few months, TNA has been stronger than ever. Shows have a solid pace and a nice logic to a lot of things. After the craziness of Final Deletion, I was afraid that TNA would keep trying more and more weird things to see if they can pop the Internet audience. But it seems like the are going to just leave that to the Hardys.

Last night, TNA had one of their live to tape episodes on Pop TV and it was definitely one of the strongest in quite a while. They used vignettes to reestablish and give you the idea that James Storm could have a shot against Bobby Lashley in the main event. We saw after months of torment from the broken brilliance of Matt Hardy, Jeff or should I say Brother Nero snapped. Bringing both brothers on the quest for the tag team titles. And we saw the debut of the former Damien Sandow, now known as Aron Rex, give a heartfelt speech on what he hopes to accomplish not just in TNA but to the wrestling industry as a whole.

All this really worked well including the main event in making a solid that didn’t drag and had the momentum as they head into their biggest show of the year, Bound for Glory. I really liked how the show was laid out. Every segment flowed really well. The action was good and had talent look solid coming out of it.

One of the most interesting things, I found on the show was Drew Galloway’s promo hinting at a darker side of the Scottish Dragon. And the beauty of this is that if you look back on the weeks of television, he is completely justified in his opinion of Ethan Carter as the two have had multiple meet ups were Drew Galloway got the short end of the stick. That’s what makes a great heel turn. If that he was justified in everything he says it makes everything he does even more believable. And Drew had the most awesome delivery. He looked like he was a raging volcano ready to explode as he challenged Ethan Carter to his Bound for Glory title shot. This adds another wrinkle to the already interesting main event picture and TNA.

Aron Rex debut was perfect. He spoke from the heart making it super WWE centric. TNA teased later on in the night that he’s going to be a main event player against Bobby Lashley. I don’t know if he is strong enough to carry the main event scene right away I think you need to establish him to the audience a little bit more. But you won’t know until you try and he definitely deserves the attempt..

I was very happy that TNA has really hit the reset button on Cowboy James Storm. After Bobby Roode left for NXT, James Storm was in a going nowhere feud with Eli Drake. It definitely seems like they have a vision for the veteran going forward. TNA is really done a great job in utilizing their limited roster.

While everything is still as solid as ever. I am a little concerned about a few things.

One, of course, is the title situation as now Bobby Lashley has all the singles male titles. While it is a cool visual, it kind of limits what you can do creatively going forward. Because if TNA management strips Lashley of the other two titles, it makes the tournament crown the new champion look less than. But if they defeat Bobby Lashley much like Kurt Angle when he held all the gold in 2007 they could make stars. Hopefully, they go with the latter.

My second concern is the booking of dissension between the likes of Moose and Mike Bennett as well as Allie and Maria. I know they want to create more singles stars. But these relationships literally in the case of Moose and Bennett just began and there are teasing that both are at odds. With Allie and Maria, there’s a little bit more of a base but the First Lady of Wrestling hasn’t really done anything too outlandish and Impact Wrestling hasn’t exactly made her apprentice sympathetic especially with her voice. I know they have to build matches for Bound for Glory but these things need to ruminate a little bit more. Especially if you want to pull the trigger and get a big reaction.

But those are really nitpicking. Overall I think with the addition of Aron Rex, Moose, Decay and others TNA feels a little more revitalized than ever. It will be interesting to see as we get closer to October 2 and Bound for Glory.

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