This past week WWE shook things up in the Divas Division with the addition of Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch on Raw. Well apparently that wasn’t the only surprise that Triple H and company had for fans. As it was announced last night at the NXT tapings in Orlando that Japanese legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger will be in action August 22 at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. This marks the first time in 20+ years the innovator of light heavyweight action will be in a WWE ring. This furthers the perception of WWE’s branding of NXT as Internet fan friendly and still blurs the line of what we think is possible. I’m honestly wondering what Ring of Honor is thinking considering there relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling and the fact that they’re running in Brooklyn that same day. Who knows maybe Liger will be retiring soon so he wanted to get that off his bucket list.

As I said in the article talking about the news this will definitely some tickets in the Barclays Center. Some have theorized that WWE would use a 5000 seat configuration for the Barclays Center. Truthfully I think the brand is strong enough to fill the 13,000 seat venue. Summerslam and the Monday Night Raw after may be a different story but Takeover seems to be living up to its name in the consciousness of WWE fans. So much so that things we never thought we’d see on the main roster are happening.

And their definitely seems to be a changing of the guard in WWE right now. Just looking at the awesome Charlotte versus Sasha Banks match from this week’s episode showing how far WWE’s willingness to let performers form their personas. That match was not just a great women’s match it was phenomenal storytelling. Both competitors should be very happy with that. The $100,000 question is with these great women now bubbling up to the main roster will they raise the quality of the Divas Division or will they get neutered by the limits of WWE’s main television product. Seeing the matches that we’ve been getting one Monday Night Raw I have hope that things are coming around the corner.

I truly believe that we are at a great age professional wrestling.

Those who hate the WWE product overall right now may be trying to make themselves miserable. You can poke holes in any product but the key is to find the joy in life. Things will never be perfect or the way you want them. The key is to enjoy while it lasts. And understand that every new week is the chance for something truly spectacular if you’re open to it.