Well, I’ll admit it. I heard last night that Impact Wrestling higher-ups were saying that this week’s show was going to be very newsworthy and it was. Originally, I scoffed at the notion that this live show was going to be anything special. But they pulled out a lot of tricks that I wasn’t expecting. So kudos to them.

There aren’t many surreal moments in professional wrestling anymore. But seeing Jeff Jarrett wearing a Global Force Wrestling shirt in a TNA ring was definitely one of them. Having Jarret compete in the King of the Mountain match is an interesting selling point to Sunday’s pay-per-view. However, I don’t think the show is still worth $40 in standard definition. No offense to Jeff , I love his passion in the promo that he did last night. How desperate must TNA be for this move? It’s been no secret that Dixie has seen Jeff Jarrett and his Global Force Wrestling as a threat to the business. Desperation makes strange bedfellows.

Other than that, Slammiversary doesn’t feel like anything special. Look at the card all nontitle matches seems like the focus is more on next week’s television then anything else. And they were desperate to make people want to buy the show last minute. But in today’s marketplace people budget out there expenses when it comes to ordering pay-per-view events if they live on a budget. Especially with the hefty price tag that Slammiversary comes with. It’s cool to have Matt Morgan and Hernandez back but what will it mean when they’re really pushing the next week on television more than the actual pay-per-view.

And we see a kind of shows from them before that are phenomenal but the follow-up is less than stellar. The whole F’ N Show 2011, January 4, 2010, the first show on Destination America.

It’s great to have Hernandez in the BDC but that just feels like a rotating group of guys. Matt Morgan is the first past TNA name that shows a credible threat to Bram the past this Sunday’s match what will it really mean? TNA hopefully can follow-up television which is being taped today before the pay-per-view to air after the pay-per-view.

I made a statement on the PW Pop Facebook group that I would not be ordering the show this Sunday. And I’m standing to that. They didn’t do enough last night to maybe want to spend that much money on the pay-per-view when it doesn’t feel that concrete to the overall product anymore. I’m more interested in the next week’s television which I think was their intent the whole time.

I will give TNA credit that they perked up the heads of the wrestling world last night. Hopefully, they don’t screw up that momentum. Honestly though I think what last night’s show may have done is truly take Jeff Jarrett and his promotion to a new level. As press with this may get normal fans to realize that Jeff has a promotion and is running shows, leading them to his website and his live event schedule.

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