As I write this we are just a few days away from Battleground live on the WWE Network this Sunday. How apropos is that name Battleground because it definitely seems that WWE is currently in a turf battle to get ready for the next generation. That is no more evident than the full fledged debut of three of NXT’s strongest female personalities in Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. There’s no doubt that the audience wanted to see change in the Divas Division. Hearing that Atlanta crowd go crazy is a sign that WWE is making changes in the positive direction.

Fans have been clamoring for change in the WWE for many years. The disenfranchised have been very vocal on the dislike of the product wanting personalities to be in higher positions. Whether it be CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose or others, it seems to be a constant stream criticism that the company is misusing talents. I think were starting to see a shift In that mentality when it comes to WWE.

Look at the US title picture, last year that thing was the joke talking about Dean Ambrose not defending it. Now, for multiple weeks the John Cena open challenge has been showcasing the workhorses of the mid-card. Adding in Kevin Owens into the mix has done wonders it adding complexity in a real driving engine to WWE’s product. As building a strong foundation underneath will give you a solid base to build on. Cesaro, Neville, Kevin Owens and Rusev. Say Kevin Owens wins the title at Battleground they have established multiple different directions that the former ROH and NXT champion can go down as feuds for the future.

Ironically, this was envisioned to be the position of the Intercontinental title under Daniel Bryan. However those plans changed. And that championship has kind of lost its luster. Not for the performers work themselves but the fact that they don’t have very much in the way of momentum. Ryback has been really upping his game he won the championship at the Elimination Chamber but he doesn’t really have much to play off of other than the Miz and Big Show whose value has been damaged recently.

The weakest thing on last night’s Raw in my opinion was the main event contract signing segment. While I understand the point that they were going to dismantle The Authority for Seth Rollins before Battleground. My question is why even put them back together in the first place. Given the other things on the show that were so forward thinking about the future this felt very much lackluster in my opinion.

Everything else seems to have its place in role going forward. I honestly think that this Sunday’s Battleground will be a pivotal moment in the future of WWE going forward.

Those who are frustrated with the company right now probably are looking at things the right way. Change is not immediate. True change takes time. In this world of immediacy, I think fans get spoiled with immediate gratification on their wants and needs. I think everybody needs to pay attention because change is here and you need to understand what that actually feels like.

That’s enough of my ranting for one day. Keep checking the website throughout the day all the latest in the wrestling world

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