Hello everybody. I first want to apologize for not having my SummerSlam thoughts on the website. Over the last four years, I have prided myself on prompt and reliable content. However, between major sinus issues and exhaustion from the WWE extravaganza, my body just gave out and I crashed hard for the last two days. I appreciate everyone of you that read this website, shared an article, told a friend or posted a comment on the group page on Facebook or anywhere The Network is. Just want to let you know that you are very important to me and all of us here on PW Pop.

If you want to hear my thoughts on SummerSlam in audio form check out this week’s episode of the Walkabout. I’m not going to go really in depth on The Event itself. But overall I thought it was good. The wrestling was solid. However the booking was a little lackluster for a few finishes.

And ironically I’m not talking about The Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar. Other than the fact that a timekeeper for the first time ever called for a submission. I like the booking as it establishes the old gunslinger from Death Valley as desperate man willing to do anything for revenge. And it establishes Brock as the defiant warrior all the way to the end. There was a lot good work and I think Takeover on Saturday had a lot to do with It. (If you want to read my thoughts on that show click here.) The bar was raised in the Barclays Center and the WWE roster felt a little bit of competition. But there were questions coming out of The Biggest Party of the Summer. Why Jon Stewart why? Why would Brock Lesnar do to avenge not getting the winning purse? How would the WWE be with Seth Rollins now as a dual champion? A lot of these questions get answered and so much more on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

WWE kept calling SummerSlam The Wrestlemania of the Summer for weeks. It seemed like wishful thinking by the company but if this past Monday is any indication maybe they are right. As The night after SummerSlam felt like a post-Wrestlemania Raw. We had surprise debuts, brand-new gear, the beginning of the storylines and more.

I thought the episode was structured very well. The three hours went very quickly and did not feel like they dragged it all. All this considering the last few days have had a lot of wrestling in them. The action was solid and everything had an energy in Brooklyn. And they picked the perfect opening with Brock Lesnar pissed off and ready to fight. However, having The Beast Incarnate just destroy Bo Dallas over and over again was a little lackluster compared to other post loss appearances Brock Lesnar has made. It was good but considering all the emotion going into that segment. I wish they would’ve done something a little bit extra. Because if you established that Lesnar is a warrior and you would want more than just destroying Bo Dallas. I’m guessing we will not see The Conqueror or his advocate until October 3 in Madison Square Garden on the WWE Network which is smart I just thought it would be framed a little bit differently. Without Undertaker there he couldn’t really do much of anything to accentuate the next chapter.

From something that was a little lackluster, to something that was amazing. The New Day celebrates with Xavier Woods playing the trombone. The Brooklyn crowd definitely showed their smart cards as the cheered the heel all night long. I’ve always said that trio has something to it and they are just now finding themselves and really are one of the greatest things and WWE right now. Speaking of greats the celebration was short-lived as the first time in 10 years the Dudley Boyz came back to WWE and apparently will be in the tag team title picture going forward. It was nice to see Bubba and D-Von under the WWE umbrella. The two men have been trying to get back with the company for years. It should be interesting to see how the veteran tag team will help build the division.

Speaking of building divisions, The Divas Revolution seems to be going in circles . I was assuming that because Team
PCB got the victory in the three team elimination match that they would choose between Charlotte, Becky and Paige on who would face Nikki at Night of Champions. Maybe they will but it hasn’t been made clear yet. These segments pissed me off for a multitude of reasons mainly because the Brooklyn crowd was being major ass holes to the performers in the ring. Albeit it was a nothing segment so I can understand it to a an extent. The crowd can really take away from something. It’s okay to have fun but WWE management may see this as a sign that the women are not worth focusing on. So it may bite you in the ass if you’re not careful.

I’m really surprised that they actually used what I thought was going to be the reason for John Stewart’s attack on John Cena. The logic of Stewart protecting the legacy of Ric Flair 16 time title reign makes sense considering how he felt about The Streak. I appreciated that they kept it that simple and did not overthink the explanation too much. I thought the segment with John Cena and Ric Flair was decent. And I love that the master of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect embraced the hate of the Brooklyn crowd and showed a edgier version of himself.

It will be interesting to see what comes of the US Title as it relates to Night of Champions. Will Seth Rollins be wrestling twice? Is the title going to be absorbed into the WWE title? These questions still need to be answered. And while The Authority didn’t give us these responses they did give us good segments regarding the new champ and his statue which was promised last week. Seth Rollins is really found himself as a smarmy, over-the-top egotist obsessed with his legacy. I really appreciate that they stopped calling former Architect of the Shield “The Future of the WWE”. I like playing off The Nature Boy concept of being “The Man”. Hopefully, they will book him like the 16 Time World Champion so he can live up to the moniker.

One talent that has been not living up to his moniker “The New Face of Fear” is Bray Wyatt. And It’s not his fault booking has not been his friend. Wyatt has proven to be one of the greatest talkers in the last few years. Unfortunately promos are only as good as their actions that follow. And WWE’s booking of “The Eater of Worlds”has really been subpar to say the least. Fans are still into the character despite not being on the victorious side more often than not. Some would call him the black sheep of the WWE roster. At least we thought so until we saw the newest member of the Wyatt family. Braun Stoweman is a beast and will add a new dimension to the group. One has to wonder what will happen when Erick Rowan returns from injury. Will he rejoin the group or will he be at odds with his former brothers? And why did they do this on Raw and not the pay-per-view. I guess mean more than network views in this case. Or maybe they wanted to give that post Wrestlemania feel?

The final angle closing out Raw really gave that feel as well. Seeing the icon Sting was pretty cool. I question the thought of putting the franchise of WCW in a title match considering the only other match he was in he lost at Wrestlemania. Don’t get me wrong I know why they’re doing It to get people to stick around for Night of Champions on The Network. But Stephanie does say last segment of Raw you’ll never get the title shot while he was holding the title. A few seconds later, Triple H agrees to the match. Kind of like when Dean Ambrose got his title shot at Money in the Bank. Again I understand the reason for this but it seems rather sudden. You think they would build anticipation a little bit more sense they know they have three weeks.

Honestly, with the return of the Dudleys and Sting feels like Night of Champions is turning into WCW Slamboree in a weird way. I would hope that these legendary names being brought in will help give the next generation a boost. Otherwise it will be an artificial bump that means nothing.

That’s all for now I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

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