Raw came to Baltimore last night and presented an interesting show for a lot of reasons. With just a little under two weeks until Night of Champions in Houston Texas, WWE did more to promote next week’s season premiere in Memphis Tennessee. But there were some positives in my opinion.

I would’ve loved to see Sting live in the Baltimore Arena the first time in over a decade. However I thought the vignettes taunting Seth Rollins were fun enough and really gave their feud something more to bite into. I will say this much any angle destroying personal property of a heel is silly. But given the egotistical edifice of the dual champion has been a focal point, it was decent enough. Funny how quickly Sting quickly went from the enigmatic purveyor of justice to the Clown Prince of Comedy. Although I think I preferred this incarnation over the Silent Warrior. I believe it showed off the personality of WCW’s biggest franchise to a WWE audience.

WWE continues to push their franchise of The Divas Revolution. I thought the ladies tried their best to make things more aggressive as last week’s Beat the Clock Challenge. I’m interested to see whether WWE will let Nikki break the record or not. Has all the news of the fearlesss Divas Champion wanting to be the longest reigning champion been a red herring? Perhaps playing on the Internet hate that she’s gotten over the years for her bedroom and backroom dealings. Could we see a new Queen of the Divas Division? And if that is true how will her PCB stablemate react? Will we see a Paige return to a darker side of things out of jealousy? She definitely looks like he’s not happy and things are about to explode both in ring and on camera.

One of the main stories of last night’s episode was the Authority’s pushing of Seth Rollins. The WWE World And US Champion got practice pulling double duty as he had great matches with Ryback and in the main event alongside The New Day. The battle with Ryback is without a doubt the best that The Big Guy has done in quite some time. Although the promo before the match was something to be desired.

Seeing New Day become a real anchor of WWE programming has become my new favorite thing. The company seems to realize the comedy gold they have in the Trios. Especially with Xavier Woods and his trombone. I very much appreciate the Final Fantasy music cue when interacting with Seth Rollins backstage. I very much appreciated the interaction between the Dudleys, along with Edge and Christian. It really shows that we are all getting older.

Speaking of classic tag teams along with The New Day and The Primetime Players getting a main event spot , Los Matadors turned heel on El Torito for the second time catching the ire of the Dudleys and the table. I can almost swear you can hear D-von tell Bubba, the animal cruelty was bullshit. I will be interesting to see if this will be the last we hear of the bull fighters gimmick.

As I said last week I’m not a big fan of the all relationship drama from Summer Rae, Dolph and Rusev. I thought they made Lana look dumb. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately that the Ravishing Russian was not there and it actually helped the segment I thought.Summer Rae was great in her delivery of the over the top emotionally distraught girlfriend and It was nice to see a fired up Show Off. I’m not sure how the angle can keep going with Lana out with injury. I guess we will see as we can have another match between the two men scheduled for the pay-per-view. One would’ve guessed that this match would’ve been a mix tag barring Lana’s injury.

This past weekend an image was posted showcasing a six man tag supposedly with Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and NXT “Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin going up against The Wyatt Family at Night of Champions. Now I don’t know about the legitimacy of that image I never saw it. I was doing things around the house when the story broke.

But I will say this bringing in Corbin for that really makes no sense. Yes the former football player is tall but he’s far from imposing. Especially standing beside Braun Stroman. I mean if you’re going to bring in anybody why not Samoa Joe? He has connection with Ambrose on the independent scene in the early 2000s along with the Samoan Heritage shared with Roman Reigns. It would just make more sense

That all seems to be a moot point however. As it looks like the Apex Predator will team with the former Hounds Of Justice at Night of Champions given the angle that was on Raw. Not sure how I think about this but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Kinda makes the Wyatt family look dumb in one aspect, if they did not want Randy Orton to be the partner they attack him and give them motivation to want to work together? It’s a simple logic thing? It’s one of those things where they show up left enough alone. But that wasn’t the strangest thing from Baltimore.

The strangest thing to me on the show was without a doubt the Miz and Cesaro segment. It seemed that they were taking both the Miz and the King of Swing were on different directions. But looking at this week’s Raw it seems as though were getting a triple threat between Cesaro, Big Show and the Miz is likely for Night of Champions. I wasn’t a big fan of doing a segment on the preshow hopefully giving a glimpse that something was on the horizon. But instead the 7 foot tall Worlds Largest Athlete had Cesaro feeling the brunt of the Knockout Punch while Miz ran. I don’t really understand why this was promoted on the preshow if that was the ending that we were going to get. It seemed like they were moving the talents in a different direction. And you would think that WWE would’ve learned a lesson and understand that this guy that you think doesn’t connect with your universe actually does garner fan attention. I know I’m expecting WWE to learn from the past mistakes from the likes of Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder and others. When an audience is there you run with it as far as you can. I said this last week and I believe it to be true. You should book Sheamus versus Cesaro for the Money in the Bank briefcase at Night of Champions. It’s rather obvious that fans are not enthused with Sheamus and his current direction. Switching the briefcase now would get the Internet fan base, “The Cesaro Section” if you will interested in seeing their Swiss Superman cash in and maybe just maybe sell some merchandise or perhaps a network subscription or two.

I guess I should mention that a fan jumped over the rail again walking down the ramp with Seth Rollins. WWE should really beef up security considering the incidents that have been happening lately. Even the fact that there been running the Performance Center All Access Tickets admittedly have me a little weirded out considering the shooting outside of the building last week. I know this idea was announced a few months back but given the light of recent events may be have screenings for all who sign up.

On the brighter side of things, WWE officially announced late last night signing of Japanese star Kana. The hard-hitting Joshi will definitely give some kick to the NXT Women’s Division, that has seemingly lost some top talent. Much like Hideo Itami before her, it should be interesting to see how she translates her style and presentation to the American audience and what her name may be.

Well that’s all I have for now. Keep checking the site all throughout the week for all the goodness we have from PW Pop.com and our friends.

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