While Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods have been clapping about a new day in WWE for the last six months it seems that is finally upon us. And if Monday’s Raw is any indication of what were going to be seeing while top stars are away this can be a lot of fun. It seems that WWE was doing some five knuckle shuffling of the deck in San Diego and in my opinion it did a lot to freshen up the show and give it the direction WWE programming has desperately needed.

With John Cena and Randy Orton out for the next few months, it forced WWE to look past the upper echelon and into the mid-card. This gave us strong matches all throughout the night from talents that we don’t only get to see on a weekly basis. And it gave the show something that I always want these episodes to have a story going through the episode.

Names like Kevin Owens, Alberto del Rio, Dolph and Roman showed why I always say WWE has the most talented roster right now that is grossly underutilized. The reaction in San Diego definitely shows that the fans feel like they can get behind Roman as he’s earned the respect of the fans with great performances. He’s not WWE’s new poster boy he’s their guy. Even guys like Kofi, Big E and others look better than they have in months in in ring competition.

The other big story of last night’s episode was the continued strength of Bray Wyatt as he overcame The Demon Kane much like he did The Dead Man at Hell in a Cell. I like that they’re giving Wyatt something to sink his teeth into with The Brothers of Destruction and his quest for dark power. The only thing I question is how is this going to end as a positive for the Eater of Worlds when Survivor Series is based on the Undertaker? Wyatt had the mic ability to regain heat after a loss but at a certain point he needs that career defining victory to establish himself as the new face of fear. Whenever you been at a precipice where he gets the next level he’s the sacrifice for the greater power. Hopefully, this may be different as it seems that this may be the swansong for The Brothers of Destruction.

We also got movement in the divas storyline as now the ambiguity of Paige and PCB is all but clear. I still wish Becky Lynch was a little better defined than just Charlotte’s running buddy. It will be interesting to see WWE does going forward with the ladies considering Nikki Bella looks like he’s taking time off.

All in all, Raw was a lot of fun. Because it felt like something different and forced WWE out of its comfort zone. If I didn’t know any better I’d say John Cena did this on purpose so they can set up a new set of stars in his absence. He’s begged for years to have someone ready to go. Let’s face it as much as John is Superman in the ring and out everybody’s time comes to an end and you have to be ready to face the future. This past Monday was a good step in the right direction let’s see what the company has in store next week.

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