Hello everyone. I’m up in the early hours of Monday morning to give my thoughts on last night’s WWE Night of Champions. Houston has played background to some big moments in wrestling history including one of the best Wrestlemanias in history and some of the best matches in WWE history. Where in the lineage of all these events does Night of Champions fall? Honestly I think it falls just sort of something spectacular mainly because of a mismatch and in ring action and proper booking.

The night kicked off with The Cosmic Wasteland of Stardust and the Ascension defeating the Lucha Dragons and Neville. This with much-needed for the Astral Alliance to feel less like the Keystone cops and more like a legitimate threat. A similar thing happened later on with the Wyatt Family. As I said previously on the website, you need to establish strong personalities to really make the baby face side better. It will be interesting to see if we get a rematch tonight on Raw or will the storyline progress outside of their cosmic plane with the Lucha Dragons and Neville.

The show proper kicked off with Kevin Owens versus Ryback for the Intercontinental Title. Overall I thought it was a good match with solid work. There were times that Ryback definitely seemed lost at some point during the match. The main crux of the match saw Owens work over the arm against Ryback. That makes sense given the use of The Meat Hook clothesline. The only problem is that Owens worked on the wrong arm and it did not really play into the finish of the match. Owens rolled up The Big Guy following eye rake. I’ll be honest I like unexpected finishes. I think too often that fans get used to the pattern of signature move, finishing move pinfall. However, I think there are one too many schoolboy roll ups. Overall, this puts Kevin Owens in a featured position on WWE programming with the IC Title. One would hope that the curse to follow that championship was devoured by Ryback. I guess we will have to wait and see. Hopefully KO will Fight Owens Fight to bring the title back to prominence again. This is the first step in my prediction that Owens will be the winner of the 2016 Royal Rumble.

The New Day defeated the Dudleys via disqualification and what I thought was a very entertaining match. While I’m not always the biggest fan of finishes like this, it makes sense that Xavier Woods would do this. Plus, It keeps the Dudleys strong while giving more legitimacy to the New Day. The trio going for the table after the match shows the hypocrisy of the Tag Team Champions #SaveTheTables campaign against Bubba Ray and D-von. Making the mouthpiece Xavier Woods go through the table gives fans the moment to take away the bitterness of the finish. One would assume that we are leading to a tag team table match somewhere down the road or maybe even a TLC match with the Primetime Players. I know I said that last month but it definitely feels like were heading down that road.

Dolph versus Rusev was again a solid contest marred down with the over the top drama between Summer Rae. I will say the finish was very reminiscent of the old days of Sherri Martel throwing a shoe. I liked the Show Off ‘s tribute to his Ravishing Russian getting a page of the Rick Rude with the custom tights. I hope that this is the end of the feud but it doesn’t seem like it is.

Much like the Kevin Owens-Ryback match, I felt that the ring psychology of the Divas title match and the in ring work did not really match up. Nikki worked over the leg of Charlotte all throughout the match but somehow Charlotte still got The Figure 8. I think booking Charlotte as the upcoming Diva that got the win out of nowhere was a little flimsy. I expected with the stipulations that Nikki can lose on a disqualification, so that would set up a rematch. It will be interesting to see where they go going forward. I do think it was one of the better Divas matches we’ve seen in some time. I have a feeling WWE’s going to tell the story that Nikki being distracted by Team Bella caused her to lose focus. Overall, a good moment after the fact with Ric Flair was great. I still contend they should of switched the title on Raw this past Monday.

A lot of names were being circulated for the six man tag partner of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. So when Chris Jericho came out some may have been disappointed. I know I was the first but then I thought about it. If you bring in a new NXT talent you have to establish them strong the first night in. That would mean that the Wyatt family would have to lose. So having established Jericho put over Braun Stroman like that really gave The Wyatt Family some much-needed momentum. As I said with the Cosmic Wasteland, you need to give villains legitimacy. And yet it with of Jericho butting heads with Reigns and Ambrose after the match gives an extra wrinkle to the latest with the former Shield members. I think I’ve broken the code. But what’s next for the The Wyatt Family because they seem to be without a feud now.

The Seth Rollins double title defense was an interesting choice by WWE. I’m guessing they wanted to differentiate themselves from Ring of Honor earlier this weekend who had Jay Lethal fight at the beginning and end of the night. Plus, I think you put some doubt in some fans minds that Rollins would not be coming out with both titles. The only problem with this is if Seth is attached to The Authority why would they have him fight both men one after the other?

Overall, I think Rollins proved himself as an MVP having two solid contest. This is probably the best Sting is looked in quite a few years. For man that is almost 60 he went above and beyond the call of duty. Having John Cena win the US title is okay with me. One has to wonder if the US Open Challenge will return? It almost look like the booking were trying to make Seth a Babyface? Rollins proves his work in every main event I just wish the booking between the matches would make him more legitimate.

Night of Champions was a solid show to say the least but more intricacies took away from the impact that it could have had. And while I respect his work, Kane in 2015 is a main event talent. It looks like we may get Kane versus Sheamus versus Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. I’m not really enthused to see that match in LA on October 25. But at least we get Brock Lesnar versus Undertaker Hell in a Cell 2 at the Staples Center. The first match in 2002 is one of my favorite of all time. I know they won’t be over to go as violent 13 years later but it should be interesting to see what they come up with.

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