Hello everyone. As I write this, many in the wrestling world are basking in the afterglow that was NXT Takeover Brooklyn. WWE’s secondary brand proved why it’s number one in the minds of fans all over the world. Many were skeptical whether the presentation of the show would translate well to a 15,000 seat arena as opposed to the more intimate Full Sail University including Triple H himself. But I have to say I thought everyone from production to the talent in ring showed that NXT deserved they belonged in the Barclays Center alongside the spectacles of Raw and Summerslam maybe even surpassing their importance in a lot of ways.

As I said in a column earlier last week it’s amazing how much the brand has grown just in the last calendar year. It went from WWE’s unknown secret to the Internet darling of the wrestling world. Now it’s going through another metamorphosis as the strong second brand WWE always wanted for both touring and merchandising. Some may be unhappy with all this because some people hate change. They hate when something they loved becomes mainstream because they don’t feel like it’s there’s anymore. A lot of those fears come from the fact that as it grows it becomes less of an alternative and more of the same old same old. Well so far, WWE and more particularly Triple H have taken strategical steps in growing the brand beyond its purely developmental roots. But if last night’s show was any indication fans have nothing to worry about the growth of NXT.

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn was great from top to bottom in my opinion. Every match had its place and every talent got there moment to shine on the bigger stage of WWE and the Barclays Center. From the opening match with Tyler Breeze and Jushin Thunder Liger to the ladder match at the end of the night nothing thought like it didn’t matter which is important and something WWE on the main roster wishes they could do. That’s one of the benefits of doing quarterly specials is you can build anticipation. When you do a show every four weeks it’s really hard to make everything seem special and I think those that make the decisions with NXT know that.

I know there will probably be some complaints from fans saying that certain talents deserved wins particularly Tyler Breeze versus the 50-year-old Jushin Thunder Liger. But I don’t see a problem with that as this will be a rare appearance for the Japanese legend. Not to mention the fact that just being in the ring with Liger raising the profile of Tyler Breeze. Could Prince Pretty have used a victory? Sure. However, even though his win loss record hasn’t been the greatest in recent months it really doesn’t seem to matter.

He’s lost in the high-profile matches before and the fans still love him and gravitate to the character. I really do love the fashion show runway entrance for him at think it gives him a different dimension. Actually while watching last night’s show I had the idea of putting Eva Marie with Tyler as a fashion consultant. As I feel this would help both characters kind of find themselves a new direction. Plus, the All Red Everything Diva has legitimate heat with the NXT crowd due to her reality show roots and I think bringing her with Tyler would get him over even more. Not to mention, if WWE really wants to make Eva Marie into a star for them it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to put her with someone like Breeze was trained by Lance Storm.

WWE has really tried to add some surprises here or there for the specials and Brooklyn had a fun one. Most notably the return of Blue Pants a.k.a. Leva Bates to be at the side of The Vaudevillians as they won the NXT Tag Team Titles. The story of Blue Pants is an interesting one as It started out as a one note joke that gained momentum thanks to Enzo, Carmella and Colin Cassady. But I have to wonder when if ever WWE officially going to sign her to a contract. Obviously they like using her because she’s based in the Florida area. They made merchandise for the character. So are we ever going to get an official announcement of her signing?

The Vaudevillians, a team I never thought would really go anywhere, are your new NXT Tag Team Champions. Aiden English and Simon Gotch have really found great chemistry together considering they started out with such bizarre gimmicks. They deserve the recognition for the hard work they put in to make the characters work.

But that’s not to say that Blake and Murphy don’t deserve some recognition as well as those to have really been putting together some great work as flamboyant and annoying heels. The added bonus of Alexa Bliss made the trio a must watch. Alexa has really brought out a different side of her character that I wasn’t sure was possible a few months ago. Going from the smiling and happy Queen of Bling to the rather domineering heel was a big change. However she seems more comfortable and has really raised her game to another level. It will be interesting to see if she goes away from Blake and Murphy now that they’ve lost the gold and focuses more on the NXT Women’s Title.

Apollo Crews definitely be in the title hunt sooner rather than later. That man was talented on the independent scene but it seems he’s even gain more skill than the last time I saw him. To see a guy his size do such a perfect moon salt is insane. Crews is what ROH wishes Moose was in regards to his personality speaking ability and in ring skill. He had a good showcase of his skills in a market knows very well. It will be interesting to see how quickly WWE accelerates his push. Because I can see him getting called up after next year’s Wrestlemania.

And while I am not as high on Baron Corbin as Apollo Crews, he pulled out some stuff that impressed me as well. Samoa Joe and self-professed Lone Wolf really brought a hard-hitting style and made the very limited performer look much more capable than he has in previous outings. Even in that loss, he gives his overall character a different dimension. And many kudos to the WWE production staff for that excellent video package giving Corbin more of a personality. And that’s not really the fault of the performer as doing squashes on television doesn’t allow your character to grow. But I’m interested to see where he’ll go from here.

This goes without saying the NXT women did not disappoint last night. Bayley and Sasha Banks really showed why they deserved to co-main event Takeover. That was perhaps one of the most physical women’s matches I’ve seen in quite some time. Both women should be very proud of what they’ve done. I loved the Four Horsewomen “Curtain Call” after the match. It made it seem like Sasha, Charlotte and Becky Lynch were not going to be around on NXT anymore. However I guess that’ll have to be seen. The question is now if they are gone will The Women’s division be the same quality as before. You have the likes of the former KC Cassidy and Jessie McKay help bolster the ranks but can they keep the same spark? I believe they can and with more and more women’s promotions out there these days there’s plenty of talent to choose from.

And once again I have to commend the WWE/ Full Sail production teams on the video package for the Women’s match. They did a really great job on that thing.

The main event cannot be put into words. Both of those men gave it their all. And considering Kevin Owens have a match with Cesaro tonight at Summerslam that was super impressive. As I get older it gets harder and harder to watch ladder matches as I now feel every bump that is taken unforgiving instrument of destruction. The two every bit of the arena to tell their story and it worked great. While it wasn’t the most insane ladder match it had some great spots and really helped cement Finn Balor as the man to beat in NXT. I would be very interested to see if at the next Takeover special we don’t see Balor versus Joe.

I love the fact that were going to get a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament paying tribute to The Dream on NXT featuring past and present stars of the brand. It’s a great way to keep the son of a plumber in the consciousness of the modern fan and I hope it becomes a yearly tradition. Dusty the mastermind of the Jim Crockett Memorial Cup tournament would be happy to see all this going on. The Dream would probably overjoyed that his kids will have their own UK tour separate from WWE’s usual stop in November. The NXT roster will be stopping in multiple cities over six days this December. It’s really interesting to see the WWE trying this in bigger arenas no less as the UK tour’s are some of the most profitable of WWE’s calendar year but doing so right after the main roster has been there seems a little weird.

Overall there are my thoughts on the latest NXT Takeover from Brooklyn. Like I said previously, there was nothing to complain about. Another great show from a growing brand. I wonder what’s next for NXT? I guess the skies the limit? Hopefully Triple H will keep the Dragon by the tail and let it grow too fast too soon. But only time will tell.