Hello everyone. I’m having a bit of a rough week. Wouldn’t you know it, the week I’m scheduled to go to Monday Night Raw I get sick. Just my luck. All that aside this week has been very interesting in wrestling storytelling. There were two really great documentaries telling the tale of the struggle of professional wrestling. Both the WWE Network special with Roman Reigns and ESPN’s E: 60 special on WWE’s developmental system were great in making characters empathetic. In a lot of ways, the real story line the characters is much more interesting than what WWE has scripted for talent.

While creative wasn’t always the best in the world during the Attitude Era, that was the basis of the roster back then. They were over-the-top characters with real motivations. All you have to do is look at Steve Austin-Vince McMahon interaction it worked because everyone can relate to the struggle. Adam Rose in the ESPN piece is much more likable as a character then the man floundering on the main roster. Ray Leppon the man behind the party showed what he’s fighting for his family. Same thing with Xavier Woods and Corey Graves, it should what drives them and made you relate to the undercard talent on the roster. Way more than has been in recent past.Lately WWE, TNA and the wrestling world in general have lost sight of you can make every character special and fit inside your own pocket universe.

Looking at Monday Night Raw this week, a lot of this was brought to the main roster. As Montréal played host to a great episode of television and did what I’ve been saying they needed to do for the last few weeks make the show flow from one segment to another. Things had weight and mattered from top to bottom.

Just Sami Zayn against John Cena was great for the ambience and the storytelling albeit inadvertent of the former NXT champion overcoming an injury during the match and putting on one hell of a performance. Some would call this the burial and I don’t understand that philosophy. Look back watch the match. How many people do you know debuting get to kick out of one Attitude Adjustment? Not many. Sami showed his intestinal fortitude gaining the current United States Champion’s respect. Not to mention he got a Bret Hart introduction in Montréal his hometown. If that doesn’t say he’s a made man then I don’t know what does.

WWE also added more wrinkles in the main event picture which I think of the smart move as the unpredictability of Dean Ambrose will make the May 17 Payback card one to keep your eye on. I don’t think Rollins will lose the title that quick but who knows given how the storyline been going with Kane as of late it would be an interesting twist if it did. Maybe they do need to shake up the status quo?

Well whatever they do I are going to be watching because they made the WWE product feel more vibrant in the last few weeks. Will this trend continue? I hope so. All they have to do is keep it real with the audience and the talent. And things will be all right.

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