I’m usually talking about Raw on Tuesday if I’m doing An article. But given all the stuff that happened yesterday, I don’t think I’ll get to It. We had Hogan apologizing on Good Morning America, an NXT diva getting fired over insensitive statements on social media, a shooting at the Performance Center, and TNA star Bram getting arrested on felony charges. I’m going to try to make sense of all this craziness. Let’s begin with Hulk Hogan.

The disgraced WWE Hall of Famer spoke with ABC’s morning show giving his side of the story. Hogan claimed that he was raised in a racial environment where the N-word was used all the time. Hulk said that he was sorry for his comments and beg for forgiveness. All in all, it was okay much like his previous apologies. But it didn’t really address any of the other comments that he made only the original statements made on the sex tape released by Gawker. And as I said before while he can claim he had no idea he was being filmed for that, Hogan did not address his conversation with his son Nick in jail in which he used the word multiple times well aware he was being filmed. I think that gives a better picture of what the man is. And if you’re truly sorry for your behavior you don’t make excuses you take your penance and strive to show people that you’re a better man. Even making the environmental claims that he did feels like a copout in my opinion. Whoever’s doing his PR needs to really work on his verbiage. Because I don’t think you presented Hogan as a guy looking for forgiveness. I do respect him for saying that he thought his daughter should disown him after remarks he made in anger regarding her behavior. That probably showed the real heart of the man, not his apology that came before.

Similarly, WWE had another situation in which previous comments surfaced. Seth Rollins girlfriend, Zahara Schreiber was fired from WWE regarding comments she made on social media that involved race and Nazi iconography. Some may say that unfair to judge someone on the previous statements made before they were employed by the company. But I would counter that if you’re using the social media to promote yourself and your brand you should present the best version of you online. Luckily for WWE, they really handle the situation before she got higher on the card. She was lucky to survive after the nude photo leak earlier this year. And I would imagine WWE will probably start really combing through social media profiles to find any offensive language or behavior. Other employers do that. With their presence on Internet superstars current and future have to realize that everything they say can come back to bite them if they’re not careful.

Then we heard the story of an obsessed man shot by Sheriff’s Deputies at the Orlando Performance Center. Apparently it 29-year-old man who became obsessed with a developmental female talent attempting to enter the building after a court order barred him from coming on the premises. Between this incident and the Dean Ambrose incident this past Tuesday where a fan attempted to attack The Lunatic Fringe, It really shows the dangers of celebrity in a lot of ways. There is definitely a dark side to being famous. And you have to be aware of that when you try to get in this business. Just as much as they are great fans out there, there are crazy ones as well.

But crazy behavior isn’t mutually exclusive to fans as we learned with TNA star Bram. It seems the lines of reality and fiction were blurred yesterday morning. The man that is played a psycho on TNA television for the last nine months really proved that to be the case as he was arrested for felony charges regarding domestic battery via strangulation and false imprisonment. The police report said he attempted to choke his live in girlfriend and keep her in their condo in Florida. Obviously TNA has distanced themselves from the British superstar but they have not fired him because they want to see if the charges hold true. And I respect that to a certain degree but he has a history of behavior regarding assault and DUIs that I don’t see the upside of keeping him around. In 2012 when he was in WWE NXT he assaulted a police officer. There’s a pattern of behavior and if I were TNA I would distance myself far away from him.

So what have we learned today. If you screw up be sincere don’t make excuses. Behave yourself on your social media and understand your always being watched. Celebrity has its dangers and protect yourself as much as you can. And wrestling in the crazy enough business without adding more to the pile.

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