Hello everyone. I hope everybody’s doing well this week. WWE had some interesting developments on this past week’s Raw that I want to discuss. Overall I thought the show was a strong follow-up to a really strong Money in the Bank mainly for one reason the establishment of more sinister villains on the main roster.

It seems Kevin Owens has not only brought a notoriety to NXT but the main roster as well in the role of a heel being just a dastardly ass hole. Just looking at what he did to Machine Gun Kelly further his place on the main roster as a juxtaposed force against John Cena which we haven’t really seen since the days of Edge in 2006. Not only do that segment feel like a living breathing thing and really got Owens over after a Cena loss. Having John Cena miss this week’s Raw further established the destructive nature of Kevin Owens as a force to be reckoned with. Look back at how many times Cena had been destroyed just one night prior and still showed up like nothing that happened. Add this to the fact that the Miz has begun showing backbone, King Barrett rising up against R Truth obliterating the pretender to the throne. The Bella Twins went over Paige and Bray Wyatt got a little darker and more sinister in his revenge on Roman Reigns bringing up his daughter. All this strong feuds going forward. And when you do that you make your baby face is that much stronger.

This really started with the booking of Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank. WWE seems to be doing a Ric Flair like push with Rollins removing the Authority much like The Nature Boy and The Horsemen back in the day of the NWA. It was always a proven fact that Flair could win the matches but he chose not to. That’s what made him such a dastardly heel.

It’ll be interesting to see what they do going forward. Especially with the likes of Brock Lesnar coming back as it almost feels like they’re getting ready to turn Seth Rollins, which may be a mistake at this point. That leaves me to wonder what you do with Dean Ambrose at that point. As it seems you getting through to Kane on his role in The Authority. I thought that The Lunatic Fringe was just starting to find his footing in the upper card of WWE but now I’m unsure of his position.

Another thing I’m unsure of is the price of traditional pay-per-view. WWE really reinvented the wheel as it comes to only think of preview pricing. Make fun of it if you want to but that $9.99 has changed how we value sports entertainment. Within two weeks we have ROH and TNA both having traditional pay-per-view events at $34.95 in standard definition. Ironic that two years ago that would seem like a lot of money. But now it does.

Ironically, the companies with the same cable home have the same pricing on their pay per views. But they can be any more different in regards the value and importance. I feel like ROH has really established the brand on pay-per-view and that even though that’s a hefty price tag these days, it is well worth it. Juxtaposed with TNA who hasn’t really promoted anything about the pay-per-view other than it’s happening through commercials. With just under two weeks ago matches have been announced on social media and not on television leading ones to believe that it’s not important. Add this to the fact that TNA has really booked themselves into a corner considering they’re taping television that will air after the pay-per-view the before the pay-per-view. This really makes this pay-per-view less of a priority for wrestling fans. With them only having to pay-per-view events now you think they want to make these important must buy spectaculars.But it looks like television has become their biggest priority with pay-per-view a distant second.

I do like the fact that TNA is trying to make the show special with the return of The King of the Mountain Match. However, if the match has no consequence, you are basically paying three times the price for a TNA One Night Only pay-per-view.

For companies that are still on traditional pay-per-view outlets considering the over-the-top options I think it’s time to lower the price. Sure you may get less of a percentage but you may get more by the overall to make up the difference.

The times they are changing and those that don’t evolve will go extinct. If I was ROH I would actually drop the price of these events and maybe with the new exposure of Destination America you will get more people to purchase shows that they wouldn’t otherwise because they’re not really promoted that well outside of the television show.

That’s all I got right now. As always check out everything that we got going on on PW Pop. I bust my ass every day for the latest in news, opinions and more