Well the TNA-Global Force storyline seems to be done and the Impact Wrestling roster stand victorious. The question is what’s next? Not only for Dixie Carter and crew but the next evolution for Jeff Jarrett’s promotion?

In an interview with Sports Illustrated yesterday, TNA Pres. Dixie Carter painted an optimistic picture of the company’s future despite rumors to the contrary. She revealed that the company has an agreement with Destination America in the US until February 2016. Carter says she is not thinking of today she is thinking of five years down the road. And while hearing that TNA have television until early next year is a good sign, her statements once again show an arrogance that should’ve been humbled out of her by now. Given all the fumbles with different initiatives to gain interest, you think she would be a little more open with the struggles of the company.

Carter once again touted their innovative style on telling stories, their international success and going up against the WWE. When she was asked about certain names in the company’s history like Hulk Hogan, CM Punk and Paul Heyman in which she gives answers that are contradictory to what they’ve done in the past. In reference to Paul Heyman when asked why negotiations with the creative mind did not pan out in 2010, Dixie stated that you cannot go back to the extreme days of Philadelphia that you have to move forward. Ironically in that same year, at the behest of Tommy Dreamer they did the Extreme nostalgia show Hard-Core Justice. And then introduced a storyline involving ECW alumni invading TNA dubbed EV 2.0 (Extreme Version 2.0) which didn’t translate well. So let’s all remember that. TNA’s innovative strategy often played on the past

The whole interview comes off as someone that wants her brand to be more than it is in the US. And I don’t blame her for that. As anyone would it their owning the company. However, in talking about the company’s internal changes with payroll and management she always seems to be on the defensive.

Truth be told, I have nothing but the hope for the company success. But sometimes you have to be honest to yourself and others about what the company will be going forward. Other than international tours and occasional house show loops, TNA is the current television product with a limited amount of resources and smaller talent pool. And my question is what you do with your television over the next couple months to make yourself seem special. I’m not saying it needs to be Monday Night War level but there needs to be something to grip you. And right now there’s just not. There is a ton of talent on the shows that have been used over and over again in really bad situations that have lost a little bit of the luster they had a few years ago. The only one that had been strongly protected and really is a standout on the roster is Ethan Carter. And while Carter is great in his role, he needs a good foil to really be a blasting off point for their television. With no real opposition the arrogant aristocrat and TNA champion has meandered. Rockstar Spud another standout is more use for PR than on screen which boggles my mind. Those to talent themselves have an energy about them that makes them special and if you can find the right talent to build around them could have a nice little wrestling show.

The fact that they’re going to England in January will help refresh the product a little bit and giving it different setting to the shows. The UK is a great market for them and always injects energy into the monotony. My question is how can TNA get any better if they can’t have the funds to do so. I honestly believe that the company is kind of at a standstill where they can expand only so far and really try to make themselves bigger than what they are. What exactly is left for them to do?

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