Hello everyone. What a crazy week it’s been. In my four years that they started covering professional wrestling full-time there has never been a week like this one. Racist apologies, Nazi iconography, domestic abuse situations, shootings, and grand jury trials are something I never really thought I’d be covering. But it is. And sad as it is to say is just as important if not more to present the negatives of the business. It teaches the next generation about pitfalls of the industry. I know I talked about that on Tuesday but as the week rolled on that became a constant theme of the week. This can be no more evident than looking at the Jimmy Snuka indictment on third-degree murder in the 1983 death of his then girlfriend Nancy Argentino.

I haven’t really commented on the whole Jimmy Snuka situation. Not because they don’t have an opinion, I just felt it really is a no-win situation. Obviously there’s enough evidence that they felt they can bring charges against the WWE Hall of Famer after 32 years. I’m glad the family has closure after all these decades but it looks like Jimmy may not be fit to stand trial at this point. Karma seems to have gotten what the Justice system couldn’t do. Stomach cancer has eaten the way at the man from the Fiji Islands. If the legend can make it to trial it’s likely that his mental state and physical ailments will prevent him from even being able to testify. Given the fact that discrepancies in his story led to the case being reopened I’m not really sure if anybody will really know the truth of what happened in that Pennsylvania hotel room in 1983.

All I know is the summer of 2015 has really been rough on the legends of my childhood. Dusty Rhodes passed away in June, Hulk Hogan and WWE sever ties following excerpts from conversations featuring racial and homophobic slurs is released, Roddy Piper dies and now SuperFly. To be honest, Snuka probably is the least hard-hitting for me personally because Jimmy was already being deemphasized when I was watching WWE growing up. But as I grew older I understand his significance and what he meant to the business overall.

You never want to see heroes fall. But it happens. What was the famous movie quote “If a hero lives long enough he will become the villain”

Wrestling can create moments that will last a lifetime. However, those memories can be easily tarnished with present day.