Man, it must be really frustrating to be part of TNA right now. The brand seems to go from one pitfall to another. From talent departures to pay issues to now a legal battle with Lucha Underground over Hernandez, the company can’t seem to keep any sense of momentum. I’m wondering how can TNA keep getting back up if they’re just being pushed back down. This definitely shows more outside influences really injuring the television product of Impact Wrestling.

It’s sort of ironic really. When news broke last year of the contracts that Lucha Underground was signing talent to, everybody thought it was ludicrous. But it seems that they weren’t so ludicrous after all. The main cause that raised eyebrows was that Lucha Underground contracted talent cannot appear on a televised wrestling product for seven years after the 39 episode season aired. Now, at the time we didn’t know that the product would become one of the Internet darlings of the wrestling world. And  there had been no news for a few months whether the company was not going to get renewed for season two, so when the former TNA Tag Team Champion appeared on the last live episode of Impact Wrestling some assumed that the AAA endorsed promotion would not be returning to television. But that turned out not to be the case.

TNA’s production already stretched to its limits now has to edit television to take out Hernandez and the BDC from its show. The good news is that TNA has tapings next week for television that will lead them all the way through the fall. So they don’t have to mess with too much. But it really does show how low on the totem pole the company has become when Lucha Underground  has more brand equity and leverage than Impact Wrestling. Both shows are taped, Lucha Underground finished their season all the way back in the spring. TNA taped their television a few weeks ago. And look at the difference between the two companies in the mindset of the fan. Although I think it helps the show this week as we got to see the awesome brawl between Magnus and Bram from Slammiversary.

I don’t think Impact Wrestling  is at fault this time around. Sure they’ve had issues with talents and contracts in the past. But it seems that they took Hernandez at his word that this would not be conflict between the two sides. And to be fair to Super Mex, at the time he appeared for Impact a few weeks ago the future of Lucha Underground was unknown. So from a workers perspective, he wants to get as many paydays as he can. But considering all the interviews in the last seven days a second season of Lucha Underground is coming. Whether it’s on the El Rey Network will be seen as it seems money negotiations have yet to work out between two sides.

I would’ve thought TNA would’ve been more careful though considering through a whole ordeal involving poaching contracts with WWE a few years back in regards to Ric Flair. Hopefully, Dixie and company can get through the latest pitfall of the “little engine that should” the company known as TNA. As I think the television is a lot more fun than it’s ever been in recent past.

The other news story of the last 24 hours is Ryback getting a staph infection being taken off of this Sunday’s WWE Battleground. This is the latest in a string of injuries coming with the second oldest singles title in WWE history. It sucks because I think Ryback was really starting to gain momentum and really evolve as as performer. There was talk for a few months at the TNA Tag Team Titles were cursed and they definitely seem to be in a lot of ways. Current TNA tag team Champion Davey Richards has a concussion suffered on an independent show. Not to mention Jeff Hardy’s injury, and Eddie Edwards breaking his ankle.

Looking at the lineage of the last few champions, a lot of injuries that caused the title to the vacated in the last few months. WWE has been struggling to bring back the prestige of the belt that was held by many great over the years. From what WWE has said Ryback will remain champion while healing from the infection. But the question must be asked. What will WWE do now? I’m pretty sure the Miz will face the Big Show in singles action. (Even though that hasn’t been officially announced yet).

Maybe this will give them a chance to rethink their strategy regarding Ryback in the Intercontinental Title picture. As the current champion says ” feed him more.” This not only means better opponents but better creative. Ryback definitely is evolving and the company needs to change with him. Use this as a positive and really create fun work around him.. There’s plenty in the mid-card they can use to really the belt mean something more.

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