Hello everyone. Fancy meeting you here. This past Sunday’s Night of Champions definitely had some scratching their head in regards to the reemergence of The Big Red Monster or should I say The Big Red Demon Kane. The former World Heavyweight Champion reemerged to take his frustrations out on Seth Rollins and Money in the Bank winner Sheamus. This reveal felt like WWE going back to the tried-and-true soldiers instead of looking towards the next generation. Almost answering the criticism of fans regarding the angle, WWE presented a different side of Kane or more accurately two sides.

Back when the man Kane joined the Authority and became the Dir. of Operations, I thought it was a great move giving a fresh take to a character. And the man himself thrived in his new role. His overbearing intimidation mixed with comedy revitalized him after his run with Daniel Bryan as a part of Team Hell No. WWE has been slowly growing the resentment between Seth Rollins and Kane as he took the bullets for the egotistical future of the company. So when Kane came back as the corporate creation was surprising to me. WWE totally playing it for comedy as Kane did not remember his attack at Night of Champions. But underneath it the anger and resentment of The Demon. Was this goofy? Sure. However, I think it gives an interesting twist to an angle and the character that in all fairness is a little long the tooth. It reminds me a lot of the faces of Foley and if that creates longevity for the man behind the mask then I’m all for it.

The other big story coming out of last night is the heel turn of Paige. The 23-year-old two-time Divas Champion let loose on her frustration regarding her place in the division, Charlotte, and more. The promo was very shoot oriented with Paige not even exiting on the ramp. This was definitely done to get the Internet talking as many have been expressing the frustrations with WWE’s “Revolution” of women’s wrestling. I’m glad to see that the company is starting to to move away from the team mentality. Although from the looks of things It looks as though Natalya and Paige may team up out of frustration. I think things will finally get really interesting as now with a new Queen. I can see other Trios now breakup as these women see a chance to capture the title from the young Champion.

Say what you want to about the writing in general but at least WWE has been building to the storylines for weeks if not months. Hopefully, these things will prove to be something special as we head into LA and Hell in a Cell.

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