Hello everyone. To all my friends in the US Happy Memorial Day. My humblest thank you to all the servicemen and women around the world who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their service. If it wasn’t from their enlistment I would not be able to write the words right now.

You might ask what my doing writing a blog on a national holiday? Well, anyone that knows me knows that I never stop working and thinking of content even on a day off. What I want to write about is what I feel is a missed opportunity by WWE Network on days like today. In looking at the programming schedule there is an much based around the military or even patriotism on today’s schedule. Some may argue not many watch the live stream but that’s only because you don’t make it a destination for viewers beyond pay-per-view events. I’ve always felt that this was a gross mistake by the company. With the mobility of the network and the ability to take it anywhere I think there’s a chance that if you make special events around the holidays hosted by personalities that people would be more likely to check out the live stream.

It boggles my mind that WWE is not running Tribute to the Troops specials, Great American Bashes or even the “Legends of Wrestling” roundtable regarding wrestling and patriotism. Why isn’t there a special like the one done on Cinco de Mayo with Sgt. Slaughter hosting Wrestling Most’s Patriotic Moments or even Jack Swagger? Hell they can use a patriotism special they recorded for the old WWE 24/7 Online service hosted by Matt Striker. I guess the fear would be to alienate international audience but maybe it would actually draw the man make them understand why American patriotism is an important part of WWE’s business.

There’s another  thought I had in my head. WWE has had great success with one month free trials in the vein of the other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu getting turnover from fans coming over to paid subscribers. But The Network is a different animal one aspect and that is the live stream. On the one year anniversary back in February they offered a free live stream 24 hours for everyone to celebrate the service’ s first birthday. Much like HBO gives a free preview weekend for their channel every so often. WWE should make the live stream free and available on three day weekends much like this one and really see if they can get more subscribers. However they really need to program it much like I said above to really a viable and lucrative thing giving the streaming costs that would be involved on WWE.com and through the mobile applications. But it could lead to a higher’s subscriber base as a lot of people will not go through the sign-up process unless they feel it’s something worth their while.

I’m making this short and sweet today. Hope everyone in the US have a safe and pleasant holiday and to those internationally I hope your Monday is the same.  Take care.

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