This is been a weird seven days if you are a TNA fan. Sunday was the 2015 Bound for Glory pay-per-view. The show which emanated from North Carolina got critical acclaim from the masses for match quality and old-school company feel. I did not see the show I can’t comment on it. To be honest I debated on buying the show but the $50 price tag was quite the deterrent. And given what had happened in the last few days it is probably good that I didn’t.

In his home state, TNA gave Matt Hardy quite the moment making the 20+ year veteran his first real World Title. However, this happy moment would be short-lived. TNA would unveil storyline through social media in which Ethan Carter infuriated by the loss caused by Jeff Hardy as the referee would file an injunction against the company. This would lead to Hardy forfeiting the title barring legal proceedings holding up Impact Wrestling.

Dixie Carter would later announce a 32 person tournament entitled “The World Title Series”. The TNA president would announce that this would encompass both a points based system and a single elimination tournament to crown the new champion. This will feature the multiple matches play out over several weeks on Impact Wrestling program. I’m honestly of two minds about this.

There’s part of me that is frustrated by the company’s use of the pay-per-view. Especially when a few people put out a lot of harder money to see a show and you negated all the good feeling within a few hours. However, given TNA’s taping schedule I understand why this is done. For once it appears that TNA was forward thinking and understood that they would not be taping for quite a while. The company would tape a slew of matches that at the time didn’t make any sense. But now it’s been made more clear.

A tournament to crown the new champion is a nifty little device to keep people interested. But given the bulk of matches that are coming I don’t know how long the novelty of this will stay valid. I will give the TNA production team credit as they tried to use as much to present the show differently. Not only with the company’s attempts at a virtual studio but roundtable discussions with with the designated groups in the tournament during the matches. Although I did find those a little bit distracting at times.

When these matches were taped in July, WWE had yet to pull the trigger on the Divas Revolution. So the fact that Knockouts are included in this tournament was kind of cool at the time. But unfortunately for TNA their timing kind of sucks because this aired the same night as a truly revolutionary Bayley versus Sasha match at NXT Takeover. But truth be told I think having the Knockouts in the tournament and gimmick than anything else. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those guys that hates intergender competition. But it’s going to lead to some uncomfortable situations going forward. Even Lucha Underground which which has gotten praise for the portrayal of women in wrestling felt the criticism. And I’m not sure if TNA will take the care to present anyone other than maybe Awesome Kong as formidable with the men. It just seems like they wanted to fill from slots and get artificial buzz.

I guess we will have to wait and see how this shakes out as TNA have a ton of matches in the can and apparently tapings set for the New Orleans house shows at the end of the month

With all this going on, one has to wonder how TNA management feels about the debut of James Storm. As you know with Samoa Joe and Rhino he is not the first former TNA World Champion to go to WWE’s secondary brand. But he is the first TNA original to make his way to the company. Samoa Joe had a long storied history in Ring of Honor before TNA as Rhino had in ECW. James Storm will be an interesting experiment to see how truly TNA made stars will be handled under the watchful eye of Triple H. The 38-year-old Storm may not be in the prime of his career but he still has a lot to offer.

It will be interesting to see what James Storm’s WWE run will be. As NXT begins to tour more and more, they will need more bodies to fill in the roster. Some have suggested that there be a touring roster and a TV roster giving talents the ability to learn while getting ready for their on-screen debuts. I think that’s a good idea and if that’s what Hunter is doing its smart. Either way Storm deserved much better than he got in his TNA career as the company didn’t really know what to do with him. I guess we will see but it looks like there’s only one thing left to say. Sorry, about your damn luck, TNA.

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