AAA had its annual celebration Triple Mania XXIII last night on North America pay-per-view. The production was marred with audio issues all throughout the night in regards to the English commentary team. It is really unfortunate that this happened as the Mexican promotion was coming off such momentum with the success of Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network. Many are complaining that the card itself was lackluster being brought to traditional pay-per-view. Honestly, that’s always been my experience with Lucha libre sometimes it’s just a car crash there’s not the same level of in ring quality because there doesn’t need to be it’s all based on personalities.

I’m not going to do my normal report card of the pay-per-view. The main reason is because I feel judging a promotion that I don’t really have a good bearing on their normal level of quality is unfair. I will say paying 20 bucks for the show, while a discounted price of traditional pay-per-view in the states, still felt a little hefty considering the problems. I can only imagine how those who paid for HD shelling out $29 are a little frustrated. This goes back to a point I made months ago that the expectation of traditional pay-per-view has changed with the advent of WWE Network. If you’re charging past the new industry standard for pay-per-view then expectations are raised for better presentation. If this was 20 years ago we would not be having this conversation we would just be excited that we got to see the Mexican wrestling culture or televisions. But the convenience of the modern age brings us the convenience of everything at our fingertips. I said this yesterday on Twitter the fact that I can watch AAA and New Japan live in the comfort of my hous blows my mind. If I was 10 years old I would be going nuts with all the choices that I have.

Hopefully for the Mexican promotion their next attempt “Heroes Immortals” in October will be a more spectacular presentation. Overall the curiosity of the production problems and the overall presentation of Lucha Libre kept my interest. I don’t know how many other fans will be willing to give them a second chance though as the dollar has become premium for most wrestling fans these days. AAA could have missed a real opportunity to explode there promotion into a worldwide phenomenon. If for some reason Lucha Underground does not return for a second season then the popularity of Lucha Stars may just be a footnote when talking about the last year him for in professional wrestling.