Hello everyone… hope you guys are well. I’ve had a rough week. But anytime I can talk some wrestling it always makes me feel better. So let’s begin with thoughts on WWE.

This past Monday, Monday Night Raw was a really strange show in a lot of aspects. From the weird booking of John Cena versus Dean Ambrose to a gator versus a bull along with the Miz being at the wrong side of the Authority, all this made it very bizarre. Not to mention, the guest stars of Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb from the Today Show, I don’t know what that will do for breast cancer research. But I noticed something about next week’s guest stars that may point to WWE’s new demographic not being your little brother anymore. But instead your mother and her friends.

Over the last few weeks. It seems WWE is going after crossover appeal with more the female demographic with reality show stars and television centered around women. It has been said that WWE is a male soap opera over the years, but it seems like the company may be trying to be the replacement for primetime TV for the working woman. Longtime soap operas have gone the way of the dodo so, WWE may be trying to capitalize on the female demographic more than ever. They’ve touted that their female viewership is higher than its ever been before in financial breakdowns. And it’s even more evident of WWE’s focus. If you add in the Total Divas integration in the current product then it kind of becomes more clear about their strategy. Since the 18 the 34 demographic might be watching Gotham or football why not try to get the female audience to watch their show, making them interested in your product. Hot guys and girls battling it out (whatever your preferences) stories that are fairly simple to follow along with action comedy and drama thrown in for good measure Maybe it’s less about the PG era than ever before, maybe it’s about XX-XY era where girls just want to have fun in their WWE.

And one of those driving factors for the ladies could be The Rock, who made his return last Monday in Brooklyn. The Brahma Bull stampeded back on WWE TV. I got a say while it was good to see The People’s Champion in the ring for the energy he brought, why did it have to be didn’t have to be at the expense of your new monster?

The Ravishing Russian and her Bulgarian Brute have been laying waste to the roster over the last nine months. Jack Swagger tried and failed to get the better of Rusev, as did Mark Henry and in coming back in five minutes The Rock takes down your number one threat to anyone in WWE. I understand the segment was the strongest thing in the show. But at what expense? Again, and I’ve said this many times before. How was this building anything for the future. It just major entire roster look week to a guy that isn’t even part-time anymore. They just stop by to say hi. Anyone who faced him now and loses looks weak in comparison. And now if you get them to win, you’ve made an anticlimactic build to them winning because The Rock pretty much made a fool of the Russians. It’s not the Rock’s fault, he tried to put them over before the ass whipping commenced on Monday, but again, it seems WWE’s cutting off their nose to spite their face. Meaning they they threw away months of build for one crowd reaction which seems rather silly in hindsight. People often ask how the attitude era stars are much more important than today’s crop of competitors and the answer is quite simple they were protected. Something that is sorely missing from today’s WWE product.

I went to close this up with a little mini review of “The Best of Sting” DVD that was just released. I have to say WWE did a fairly good job encapsulating the icons storied career through archival footage from WCW home videos and talking heads. But the title of the DVD is a bit of a misnomer. Originally it was called “Sting: The Ultimate Collection” and I think that would’ve been more fitting of a title. The matches on this home-video release were not the best of the face painted franchise of WCW by any stretch of the imagination. However, WWE staff have done a great job to try to put matches which are currently not available on The Network in this presentation to make it a must have for any collector or old-school fan. The only bad side is if your 14-year-old kid who doesn’t know Sting is, this may not give you the best idea of what the character means and why he so important right now in the WWE marketing machine.

Well, that’s all I have for right now Have a great day. And I will see you next time.

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