Hello everyone. I’m still sick but I thought I’d give my thoughts on the latest going on in the wrestling world. There’s been a lot happening the last few days. From ROH, House of Hard-Core, WWE, TNA and more, there seems to be a lot of activity in the last few weeks making everything feel more vibrant. Spring has sprung. The more that going on more fun my “job” is covering it all.

WWE announced this past Monday on Raw, Elimination Chamber would be returning as a pay-per-view special on WWE Network. This definitely seems like it will be a trend going forward and I think it’s a great move. Anything that adds more value to being a subscriber and shows those during the free trial why they should sign up is definitely a good thing for WWE. It really is a good thing for fans too. Although I have seen some negative reaction spring up following the announcement saying that WWE is lessening the importance of pay-per-view with these special broadcasts. I don’t see a different from the model of the WWE was using before. They are just making it more relevant to be a subscriber. How do you do that? What’s the biggest draw? Access to the live pay-per-views, right? So why not give people more of what they want and give them concepts that had been retired?

Add to that the fact that changing these live events into special network only exclusives will help ticket sales in the markets the running so really taking out production costs it’s a win-win for the company. I think concepts like Taboo Tuesday, WCW Battle Bowl and maybe even the Wargames will make a return as a Network Exclusive and give WWE a boost in subscriber numbers with the special events that fans have been asking to return for a while. King of the Ring definitely demonstrated there was major interest in these kind of events and The Chamber definitely seems to continue that trend.

The only downside to announcing it before Payback is the kind of puts this Sundays card in the rearview mirror as we get ready for Satan’s structure on May 31. And the card this Sunday really doesn’t feel spectacular but I think it will be solid as the talent consistently seems to be working really hard to build great matches and moments.

Neville has a solid showing against John Cena this past Monday showing that he belongs on the main roster. The fact that he almost captured US Title in Cincinnati gives me hope of plan for the future. Hopefully, The Man That Gravity Forgot will cement his place on the main roster soon. And not fall into the spot his buddy has seemingly found himself in that he can never dig himself out of.

It’s really a shame that Daniel Bryan finds himself in the midst of another medical mystery. I really felt that Bryan could really rehabilitate the mid-card title back to the workhorse title that it was in the 80s and early 90s. Maybe it still can get there but the leader of the Yes Movement would have been the perfect ambassador of that. Now I’m not sure who you give the title to. A lot of people that were circling the division before have seem to move on to other things.

One of those people is Luke Harper, who seems to be reunited with Erick Rowan, will they bring change to the tag division. It seems tandems are once again in the eye of WWE creative. Even so that at the Elimination Chamber will feature tag team warfare for the first time in its 13 year history. I can’t wait to see what that looks like.

Without a doubt one of the most compelling things on WWE’s television right now is the interaction between Kane and Seth Rollins. I never would’ve thought 18 years after his debut that the Devil’s Favorite Demon would be more compelling in his corporate persona that his Michael Myers infused first gimmick. It just goes to show how layered and complex storytelling can make even the most hackneyed characters fresh and intriguing.

A lot of that is lost in modern wrestling. That is something that Billy Corgan has claimed that he wants to bring back more layered storytelling to Impact Wrestling. This past Friday was a two hour live episode and I thought it was solid in a lot of ways with more confident about its characters than in weeks past. Although I did find it was very story heavy this week. But I think that was just to set up to the weeks ahead.

There was a lot of good action in the main event but I felt Bully Ray was really miscast. There’s so much more you could’ve done with that character. After all he was one of the top draws for the company for the last few years and to bring him in in hopes to spike a rating is kind of superfluous. In regards to best-of-five series for the Tag Team Titles I feel like we’ve been there before but I’m sure they’re going to going to be great matches. I think TNA really has to focus on the newer characters they created and really flesh out their ideas a little more. That’s been a criticism of mine for a while now is everyone feels one-dimensional on that show because there are so determined to cram so much in the two hours. If the James Storm -Magnus-Mickie James storyline is an indication if you make characters three-dimensional with multiple motives making they feel more genuine and he get more of an emotional reaction. I have faith that the company can really do this and separate themselves from other brands.

I wasn’t a big fan of MVP’s promo on Friday, it felt like it was a stretch but I applaud them for trying something a little more provocative. I personally would not have used certain verbiage but that’s just me. I think you could’ve gotten to the same point without using that word. But it is what it is. If it leads to something greater I’m good with it but if it does become a weekly thing where they tried to do something shocking then that will get old rather quickly. I think what’s even sadder is that didn’t even make a blip on mainstream media. I think that shows you how low Impact Wrestling is on the radar these days. The focus seems to be more of Billy Corgan then the product itself. I don’t know if that’ll change but we will see.

And I will close with this, Global Force Wrestling has announced parts of the roster over the last few days. I think it is solid enough roster but logistically the whole reveal has been nothing but a train wreck. Last Wednesday their event wasn’t covered by their own social media or live stream through any popular means if you wanted to get the full roster even their own press release didn’t have all the names announced. Then they release a video earlier this week with more names but didn’t give you any clue who they really were so unless you knew then they were just pictures flashed on a video for second. Jarrett and company need to get their act together. There’s plenty of competition now and he really needs to put his best foot forward if you want to get even a mark in this business.

Jeff Jarrett claimed in videos that the company would use the Internet to his advantage and it seems to not have done that in its first few announcements. Really understand your audience and make sure that everyone knows the information.

That’s all I have to say for now. I will see you later. Be cool.

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