Hello everyone, it’s been a while start written anything longform in the articles section. There’s no doubt that there’s been bad luck for myself and others in the last month. And I know I’ve said this before, hang in there, things will get better. But enough about that, let’s talk some wrestling. Even the most positive of wrestling fans, cannot hide the fact that the industry seems to be in a little bit of a holding pattern right now. Whether your favorite letters are WWE, TNA or ROH everything feels very stagnant. Not saying the ring work is not good and the talent is working hard . There just doesn’t seem to be very much in the way of forward progression. There’s not much that has got me excited in the world of wrestling in the last few months.

Let’s look at WWE right now, Brock Lesnar reportedly will not be at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and seems like WWE doesn’t know what to do. Unlike others on the site that have a problem with “The Prize Fighter” booking of the former UFC champion, I think that’s the one thing that keeps Brock special. Unfortunately, unless your name is Dean Ambrose, John Cena or Seth Rollins everyone else feels unimportant. The Authority storyline is trying to make Rollins a stronger personality. But WWE keeps making him a chicken is not really putting over the correct message to the audience. This puts characters like John Cena and Dean Ambrose on a collision course because with all honesty WWE doesn’t have much else. The main event looks to be these two top stars not battling for a title shot but instead to fight Seth Rollins for revenge.

No doubt revenge is a good motivator for match in Hell in a Cell, but wouldn’t it make more sense to do a triple threat instead an increase Seth Rollins chance of survival if you’re The Authority? Why would you reportedly have the loser of Ambrose  and Cena face Randy Orton on the pay-per-view? Hell, you could have Orton run interference in a fatal four-way , perhaps for the number one contendership at Survivor Series? That way you have four competitors that really don’t like each other competing for something that they all want at the end of the day.

I originally hoped with Brock Lesnar champion that it would force the company to emphasize the mid-card. And they have to some extent, but we’ve got more goofiness. Then we have actual storylines. A little bit is fine. But with stunt doubles, bunnies, alligators and Big Show tearing down the Russian flag. The one storyline that they’ve treated like a dramatic situation, the Bella twins split is now as backwards as Nikki, who lost her shot at The Divas Title Night of Champions, but somehow gets the power to put her sister in a handicap matches which she wins handily by the way with little struggle. They don’t know where they’re going.

Even more evident is the rumored breakup of the Wyatt family coming soon. I think this points to a real struggle of ideas in WWE right now between Vince and Triple H regarding the use of NXT talents on the main roster. There’ve been rumors that the two have not seen eye to eye creatively in recent weeks. But listening to Triple H in interviews. I don’t think those altercations really ever happen. I mean have to you tell someone who revolutionized how wrestling was presented that he doesn’t have the touch anymore, especially when he is your father-in-law? But if you’re Hunter you have to be a little frustrated seeing talents that you help nurture being mistreated and not presented correctly to the audience. Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Emma and others have not been given the red carpet treatment on the main roster. Other than the the old-school Russian storyline with Rusev which Vince can understand and get behind there haven’t been many success stories. I don’t think the King of Kings is too quick to get much of his roster on WWE television. Even saying that he fights to keep them down in Full Sail.

I’m of two minds of WWE Total Divas being the main focus of the Divas division instead of Paige and AJ. Having a television arm to extend storylines space is amazing  But to do three storylines from the show seems a little bit overkill. I will say I do enjoy the fact Tyson Kidd is on television (he had a great match  on Main Event with Kofi Kingston) but I’m not a fan of manufacturing marital problems for storylines. It does have a history of ending well.

That’s enough for me rambling about WWE. Let’s move on to TNA. Impact Wrestling is winding down its last tapings of the year. And definitely feels like a company on its last legs. They announced their Bound for Glory card which in all honesty doesn’t thrill me. After that TNA doesn’t have a scheduled live event until January in England. Dixie Carter and TNA management are still waiting for a television deal as we are down to the wire. I hope the company really takes a step back during this time and really restart not just the product but the company as well. TNA has to fundamentally restart from square one business wise. From live events  to merchandising to marketing there has to be a shift change  in how they approached themselves. When they find a TV deal which I highly expect will happen, the company really have to put on their best foot forward. If the company does go out of business. it would’ve we could avoid that no real wrestling fan wants.

Anyone expecting Global Force Wrestling to be the new alternative might be a little disappointed with the news that the first branded show will be bringing the New Year’s Tokyo Dome US pay-per-view. Is this thing that is going to revolutionize the wrestling business like we’ve heard for last six months? I’ll admit that it’s a smart idea to partner with the hottest promotion giving your brand-name great credibility. But if you give them something like January’s Wrestle Kingdom now and give them original programming later will this put a bad taste in the mouth of fans? It’s a smart idea from a financial standpoint for Jarrett. But when new Japan has been doing their own Internet pay-per-view successfully, how would this affect new Japan’s business sharing revenue.  I guess the one selling point is the fact that we may get English commentary to open up the product to more viewers, but will it be priced competitively?

That’s it for me today… I do plan on doing some more Pop N’ Wrestling Connections sometime soon. Keep your eye out for those.