It’s called The World’s Most Famous Arena. Madison Square Garden has had some memorable moments in WWE history. However, in 2015 what did the arena really mean the grand scheme of things? An Arena that saw the rise of the top stars in your business and monumental title changes in the fabric of their lore Last night, the WWE Network special at MSG showed that it wasn’t that important at all.

Now before everybody gets in an uproar about that last statement, I’m not saying that the matches were not good because they were. Even the announcing was a little bit stronger than we see on the normal WWE programming block with great factoids and trivia about the Garden. They also did backstage interviews in the vein of the old MSG Network giving some personality to the normal house show card. But there was one thing really missing from that broadcast. And you know what that was? Moments. Nothing really happened. There’s no real reason for you to watch the show. If you going to broadcast this on the network then you want to make It special.

Look back at The Beast From The East special from Tokyo. Not only do you have the character of Tokyo itsel but you have Brock Lesnar returning and Finn Balor winning the NXT Title in his home away from home. What did you have on this special? Other Than a few matches now are pretty damn good such as John Cena and Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens versus Jericho. There was nothing really that special that make you need to watch this special. Unless you want to hear Chris Jericho’s 25th Anniversary speech and some New Day silliness there’s nothing really important.

Some may argue that back in the day those MSG Network house shows nothing really happened. And for the most part you’re right. But the big difference between then and now is this being broadcast international as opposed to regional. I don’t understand why the Dudleys couldn’t have won the titles in NYC or have Sheamus cash in the briefcase after the Cage match with John Cena and the silliness with Kane. Give fans some reason to watch the special.

Seeing Brock Lesnar is awesome. But there needs to be more vibrancy to the event itself. Especially since Madison Square Garden arena itself has lost A lot of his personality in its most recent remodel. Look at old events from The Garden before 2011, that building had personality. Watch old episodes of Primetime Wrestling on WWE Network and you will see That the Garden has a different feel than Boston and Toronto. Sure it was a production nightmare for WWE when they ran but it gave the show a different feel. A different energy. Now all arenas look the same and feel generic without personality.

And given the news that John Cena is leaving on sabbatical for a few months makes me really wonder what’s next. They haven’t really built to the future in recent months. What’s going to be the top of the card going forward? Kane, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler or Randy Orton? A lot of these talents have been made to look like a yo-yo going up and down the card with very little regard to your well-being as talent. Even if you put Brock Lesnar back in the title picture is more of a been there done that feel. The next few months without Cena Will be interesting to see how they handle it.

The truth is WWE needs to be less formulaic and bring in more spontaneity to the product. Remember angles like 1-2-3 Kid on Monday Night Raw it was unexpected. And it showed that anything can happen on television. Mick Foley winning the WWE title same thing. They need to have a fluidity from show to show that breaks up the monotony from time to time. You don’t need a hotshot things every week. But you need to spice things up from time to time. There used to be a tagline anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation and we need that again.

I remember after Wrestlemania 30 writing how breaking The Undertaker’s streak was a sign of this over a year ago. But nothing was really followed up on. What made wrestling feel fine in the Attitude Era wasn’t all the smoke and mirrors it was the fact that anyone could be anyone logically in storylines. Of course this means long-term plans and WWE doesn’t seem to think about the intricacies of brushstrokes in the overall masterpiece of the product.

I know I’m being ultimate optimist here but I have with John Cena’s departure we get a fresh creative vision that doesn’t just focus on one topic guy. Hopefully this will bring in a new vision and creative revitalization. We will have to wait and see.

Moving on. TNA’s Bound for Glory is tonight. And much as I said this past June with Slammiversary I feel the show is not worth the price tag. Some markets have it listed as $50 for the high definition.
TNA to their credit have done a better job booking the show into something important but it’s not worth that much money. In the modern era that the superpremium price for anything. Even sports juggernauts like boxing and UFC are starting to feel the backlash for the pricing structure. So TNA doesn’t really belong in that category considering they’ve only done two pay per views in a year.

Even Ring of Honor has a tough time making the $34 price tag work and they do much more than TNA does. Not to mention ROHs brand has much better recognition these days then Impact Wrestling. TNA really should rethink their pay-per-view pricing structure. They need to rebuild their goodwill with fans and let people experience the product. Sure they will take a hit in the grand scheme of the money will get back from pay-per-view companies but it may bring some of the fan base back to their dwindling returning audience.

As for the Bound for Glory itself, TNA needs to heed my advice that I gave to WWE. You need to have moments that makes and when it spend the money to see the show. Slammiversary had the return to Jeff Jarrett but really nothing else other than good matches. TNA really needs to understand what they need to do to freshen up their product to a lot of fans seems dead in the water right now.

Wrestling should feel like things are always moving, like things are only changing. And lately the modern wrestling era is missing a lot of that. Sure you want to have some familiarity get back to the older fans but you always want to have a sense of new on the show as well. Hopefully, TNA will learn from WWE’s mistake and really create something special out of necessity from their limited resources. ECW did that all the time.

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