Last week, I wrote about how different Monday Night Raw from LA. It was Hollywood magic with strong action and a different feeling then had been done in years past. However, this week’s show felt the wrath of the European tour with a little bit of jet lag as we had a lot more talking segments.

I don’t blame the WWE writing a lot more talking and filler on this week’s episode. The grueling European tour always takes a lot out of talents and staffers. And sometimes they get to taping television everyone is exhausted. Not to say that the show was bad. Far from it. There was solid action, good build to the May 1 Payback pay-per-view and an overall sense of logic to the show that carries over. With all the variables you can not ask for much more than that.

The overall thing that caught the most intriguing from the Internet was the seeming reunion of AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. The former Bullet Club members had the interaction that many wanted on television. And added a special layer of intrigue to the Roman Reigns-AJ Styles feud playing into the good brothers connection. I love the logic of making Anderson and Gallows attack the Usos and the debut playing into Roman’s paranoia being justified. The question is which way will they go? Will the Phenomenal One and former leader of The Bullet Club rejoin his friends or is this a swerve? And could a former friend in NXT champion Finn Balor be joining them as well?

The rest of the show felt solid but if you missed it you didn’t really miss much else other than good matches. The Vaudevillians and Enzo and Cass advance in the tag team title tournament and. Natalya gets a tap out victory over Charlotte and Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose had a solid main event. The show had a lot of tag team matches trying to get a build to the pay-per-view going and it did a good job. Although I’m not sure Owens had to close the show. It feels like you could’ve made the AJ Styles stuff later in the show.

The card for WWE Payback is without a doubt one of the stronger post Mania pay per views in company history. Sami versus Kevin Owens is a match that goes without saying how awesome it will be. Dean Ambrose versus Chris Jericho will be a great back and forth.

I predicted last week that The Hitman would be added to The Women’s Title Match and sure enough he was. I would still make it a submission match considering the tap out finish. Again in Chicago given the history with Bret. It writes itself.

The Vaudevillians versus Enzo and Cass is always a solid battle. This showcases a brand-new base for the tag team division. Although I did want to see New Day defend the title on the pay-per-view. But I appreciate giving these new faces their own showcase. I’m still unsure about The Vaudevillians as characters right now. Enzo and Cass are over like a mother.

Cesaro and the Miz will be a good solid show. Hopefully this is the rise of the Swiss Superman. Although I do love the new character with his lovely wife. So there’s a lot to love there.

The company continues to build the equity in Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin. I’m not sure if they’re building the guys in the right way. I think you need to at least in the case of Crews get him into an actual feud. The Social Outcast storyline has run its course. Baron Corbin and Dolph should be fine as The Show Off will make him look like a monster.

Overall, WWE had a solid showing in London. We will see how Smackdown continues the ball rolling.

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