Just six days away from Survivor Series, WWE really turned up the heat before they head to Hotlanta. Raw definitely showed that the company’s trying to focus and re-energize the Monday night institution. We saw great matches in the World Title Tournament and a very interesting segment with Paige and Charlotte that some find very controversial. But was it enough to retain the audience interest in Sunday’s show?

With Survivor Series being a celebration of the Undertaker’s 25 years in WWE, it made sense to start the show with the Brothers of Destruction. It’s no secret that I didn’t like last week’s beat down of the Wyatt family. In my opinion WWE did much better this week making Bray seem menacing to the Undertaker and Kane. Turning the Druids against The Dead Man and the Big Red Machine was a nice way to have both sides clash without really touching. But I have to wonder if the genie’ s not already out of the bottle. Or out of the urn I guess you’d say. I don’t know how you rehab Bray Wyatt’s character with another loss.

Speaking of character rehab, WWE really is trying to rehab their upper mid-card with the World Heavyweight Title Tournament. Kevin Owens, Alberto del Rio, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns all advanced in really awesome matches. The company is definitely in rebuilding mode. The matches really showed the talent that has been running the show for quite some time.

This leads me to a little mini rant on fan reaction of the people in the World Title Tournament. When the announcement came down of Seth Rollins injury fans clamored for past names to return. Names like Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, Rob Van Dam were brought up about being in to give the tournament prestige. But before Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and John Cena all disappeared, fans would complain about old names being brought back? Look at the reaction from the Dudleys now. After the nostalgia wore off many don’t want to see them in the title picture. Many who looked at the brackets and saw Titus O’Neil, Kalisto, Neville and Barrett and scoffed at WWE’s prospects. Imagine if Orton and Cena were not gone how much would you be complaining right now. Building characters especially ones that have been relegated to the bargain bin. It takes time. Remember back in 1995 when Hunter Hearst Helmsley and The Ringmaster were in preliminary matches. Slowly but surely they were raised in prestige and raised until they became believable main event stars. It doesn’t happen overnight. Everyone in this tournament for the most part has looked very strong and gives me great hope for the future.

Roman Reigns had probably his greatest match to date against Cesaro. It really feel like second-generation star is turning the corner winning the crowd over. Even those on the losing end were put over strongly and should be in a good position going forward as long as there’s a creative direction for them. Especially the Lucha Dragon Kalisto. They really have a chance to make him the ultimate underdog and fill that Rey Mysterio role that’s been missing for quite some time.

The only thing I really question last night is the segment layout. One can appreciate WWE trying to shake up the formula a little bit putting The Divas in the main event segment. However the Reigns-Cesaro segment would’ve been a stronger closer.

All that being said, the ending segment with Paige and Charlotte was provocative to say the least. After weeks of running in mediocrity, WWE gave the woman a little bit more gravitas and importance. The Anti-Diva once again did a really good job getting heat bringing up Charlotte’s little brother , Reid, who passed away a few years ago from a heroin overdose. Some online are finding that promo to be crossing the line of good taste. I’ve had personal issues with promos like this in the past. However I thought it was what the feud had needed for quite some time. It felt like they finally gave Charlotte and Paige something to really work with.

Heels need heat and that was just what that was. Let’s get away from the best friend broke my heart bull crap and team mentality and get down the real issues. When the Divas Revolution was started Ronda Rousey was brought up. As we learned this past weekend Ronda got her comeuppance from being boisterous in talking smack as did her opponents when they tried to do the same. Will we see WWE’s version of Holly Holm prove herself to be more than Ric Flair’s daughter on the main roster.

Sunday’s Survivor Series will be an interesting show to say the least. There are plenty of questions that need to be answered. The biggest of which is who will be the WWE champion? Who will be the Authority’s new man? I personally think we’re going to see Dean Ambrose join The Authority and win the WWE Title.

Can Charlotte and Paige build on the momentum from this past Monday Night and really create something special for the women in WWE? Will Bray Wyatt prove to be the new face of fear in a grave challenge?

We will have to wait and see what happens in Atlanta.

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