TNA and Global Force Wrestling have been on the mind of wrestling fans. Unfortunately, it’s not for the in ring action. Instead, the intrigue goes into the behind-the-scenes relationship between the Dixie Carter run TNA and Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling.

This all began last Wednesday during a live episode of Impact where Karen and Jeff Jarrett made the return to Impact Wrestling. It’s in public knowledge that Jeff left at the end of 2013 feeling that his company which he began had made the wrong decisions. Fast-forward to this past Sunday at Slammiversary where the former multitime NWA champion won the first ever King of the Mountain championship.

Now on the surface you may think that was a publicity stunt done by TNA to garner pay-per-view interest. And in all honesty It was. However I think there’s a little bit more to this.

After the King of the Mountain match Jeff Jarrett said you take the newly rechristened title to Global Force implicating that will crossover between the two brands would happen. Add this to the fact, the announcement that came the following day that Former TNA Champion Magnus had signed to be a part of the company the day after he asked TNA to let him out of his current contract. The company actually posted a video of a London skyline on Sunday night teasing the announcement.

This would not be the first time that two companies would attempt to work together to help their brands together. But I think there’s more behind-the-scenes to this then one last match or a talent relationship. I actually think Destination America has a lot to do with this. We’ve all heard that Dixie Carter and the higher-ups in the Discovery Communications Network, what if Jeff Jarrett becomes the point man for their television partner. What if the King of the Mountain wasn’t a symbolic title of more of an anointing that Jeff is needed to smooth things over with their television partner? That’s why think TNA made the call for Jeff.

Dixie would still run the company but Jeff would handle television and media negotiations. I can even see Impact Wrestling being followed by Global Force with its own separate talent rosters. Maybe even splitting Impact Wrestling two hour block into Global Force and Impact Wrestling.

And I know this is going to sound weird I think that’s the reason why they turned the Impact Wrestling X Division Title green to match The Global Force color scheme. I know that’s reaching. But It’s odd that the company would do that when they just created a new belt design and the color scheme is blue.

Some have theorized that TNA had made a deal to become Global Force Wrestling to get rid of the baggage of the past. And that honestly would not be a bad idea although I’m questionable of that happening. Because Dixie has an ego and Impact Wrestling seems like her vanity project. But maybe she is so desperate to keep something alive she’s willing to do anything.

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